With Dream

Clearing my headspace
Tossing away the disdain
It’s beginning to feel
Like creating a place
Share one with another again
Where I can give of myself
Nothing left of bereft
Nor held back
What a world it could be
I want hope
I want feeling
I want destiny
With you I want
Nonsense without any jealously
No need for rescuing
Found finally in each other
A place
Without strings
Attachments to things
My feet are on fire
With dream

© GÄ


I should give you up
But I don’t want to
Can you blame me?

It would be cheaper if I do
Let go of something I don’t need
Will you forgive me?

I wake up and you’re there
Before bed I’m aware of you
Would you miss me?

I wonder if you’ll realize
That I’m gone

I see you in every color
It’s almost been a year
Since we took off

I know I’ll miss you
A slave to your delight
Morning noon and night
Is it all right
If I replace you?

We have been through this all before
But not in the same way
This is different now
So wait…

I guess it’s not the same

Creating space here
Doesn’t mean that we should end

But what we could find out
Is you are better off without


Here comes a break for you and I
I won’t be angry if you cry
Please don’t be mad
We are connected
Even with space

Between us
You will see

Now is the time to pass the torch
To someone you will find
More worthy

Someone who can appreciate
The recreation you provide
Deep down inside
Decisions made
With a new breath

And you will rest
In hands of others
Playful means

© GÄ