Peace Offering

There was a girl I once new
Adventurous and free
Chase the butterfly type
Tame the bee and so ready
To spring into life out of
Whatever begged to control her
To take away her freedom
To strip what liberated her
Innocently broken open
Like a dinosaur egg all
Crystalline within ready to shine
We think those parts of us
Are forever that they will last and last
That no shadow should fully
Overcast or arrange to suffocate
But something can creep in
There may not be a clear reason
She may not even know
Or he whomever this person could be
To you for me it was she
And when 19 turned into 45
She was not the girl
That used to be alive inside
She was the girl trapped in her own mind
Unaware of how to get out
No matter what I tried to do
To set her free
To help her chase the butterfly
To help her tame the bee
In many ways it was too late
Sometimes the gift we give
Is not to hold them back
But to set them free
I admit I held on earnestly
In the hope that one day I would awake
To see her face gleaming
As she did when we were kids
Even if you asked her
She could never shake it free to tell you why
She herself she was unsure
She couldn’t recognize how the outside
Detached apart from her could see
But I could see what she could not
And rather than be held down
By that pain and inability
I had to do what I could
To set my own self free
This my friend
If you have ever had to do
Might be the hardest thing
You’ll come to understand in truth
For there is no denying
The story that the heart can tell
Not of physical ailments for
A doctor in a hospital to diagnose
But one of spiritual nature
Responses given to conditions
That are not specific scientific
But beating inside
What we know as heartwarming
What we know as love
We can go on to share this journey
But in some cases where there is
Nowhere else to go
But inner peace
We must detach ourselves and rise
High above the heated grove
Of arguments and insecurity
Always leaving behind
Within our trail the sparkling gift
Release an offering of peace

© GÄ

Call Me

You come and go as you please
Enter in like a tease
Society must not
Be a breeze for you
Choose your weapon
No one can
Reach out to you
But the ones you want
To respond to

What you put others through
Has no effect on you
It doesn’t matter
At all if
You’ve decided to
Turn off the phone
Nobody’s home

Stay away
Do Not Enter
Escape reality
With mental illness
No one knows
What to expect
From the ones that
We love

What sickness is it this week?

Sweet Torture
Occasional bliss
Up and down
A mirage of potential

No one knows what to believe
What will you say
Which way you’ll be
What phone you’ll answer
A busy signal
A busy signal
Static and
An empty dial tone
Push 1 for grief

If your phone
Is off the hook
And your receiver
Can’t receive me

I wish you peace
Call me

© GÄ