When the phoenix rises
And the ashes fall away
There is a clarity
That prims the sun
Like a gong
These feelings are yours
But they were also
Someone else’s before
They were yours
When your grandmother
Comforts you
When your best friend
Comforts you
When the person you
Trust the most
Comforts you
And says
Time heals all wounds
It’s because they know
And they’ve been
There before
Falling differently
One day further away
Less defeat
More complete
I am more complete
We are more unique
When the ashes fall away

© GÄ


What’s happening?
Every which way
This way n’ that
I love how you love me
No matter what I do
You see me

Remember the time
When I held you while crying
Remember the time
When I felt like I was dying
Remember the time
When we fell down from laughter
Remember the time
Happily ever after

Your words show
That your heart is a good one
Your smile shows that
There is nothing more precious
Than the sun

We’ve seen every part
Of each other
We know every
In and out

You are my reason
Not to doubt
That pure love is
A truth
A sanctuary
For recalling
Our youth

I love you best friend
That’s what we call one another
A love to no end
Always gushing

The sad side
The mad side
The bad side
And still
Our cachinnation remains
Never too good for the other
Never too much for each other

This is bliss
This is happiness
We are the twin of acceptance
Raging with love

Remember the times
We have to look forward to

© GÄ