Friend or Lover

We are probably very different
In some ways
But very similar in many others
Could you love me like a lover
Or rather love me as a brother
Is it bizarre that I can accept

To not get lost
I would choose you
In one way or another

Although I think of you first as a lover
I can accept you as a brother
A spirit of kinship
Someone to teach
Someone to teach me
Full of ideas
To keep the touch even
As friends

Let go of questions
And arrive

Before the end

As we are
Let it be from life to come
Answers drop down
From the sky
Though disguised
Let it go
Let it flow
In a natural way
Let it evolve
Days uncounted
Years to stay

What is a best friend
After all
What is a lover
Have we fallen
What is the difference
Of another?

Are they the same
Can we find out
Are they related
In some way
Only time can tell
But to ask you

I cannot yet

Risking to lose you
By my asking
Isn’t worth it

© GÄ


The grass is growing
Differently today
The air is rather still in a
Motionless array
The birds are very quiet in the sky
There’s not a lot of traffic
Driving by

The sun is pink and blue
Like a captain on a ship
The bowsprit of a unicorn
On a magic carpet trip
Flying by with wings

Is this reality
Or just another dream?

A swift illusion of the mind
Dancing through the winds of time
There is only one conclusion
My thoughts can seem to find

I must be thinking
Of you again
I must be missing you
My friend

I watch the clock

Fantasy in real-time
When I think of you
Memories of us
Flowers dancing in a group

Hand sewn tapestries we made
Fanning in the breeze
Promises to hold on
To each other endlessly

Deeper than just feeling
Friendship knit with grace
A cosmic love that’s so divine
The stars in outer space
Are bowing down

When we embrace

I miss your laugh
I miss your smile
I miss your face
And all the while

I must be thinking
Of you again
I must be missing you
My friend

© GÄ