When we’re ready to
Give it up
Say goodbye
Flip the script and pick
Side A or side B

Like charades falling apart
I’m looking through your eyes
From where I stand
Look at these possessions
That I presented
For you to love

Can I listen to this tape
And pretend that you’re there
Would it be the same if you were?
Will it sound better without you

All the stories that are sung
Chapter by chapter
Verse to verse
Can I listen
Can I watch
Before the one
Who wants it shows up
I’m arriving
Now that it’s done
You’re the one I haven’t met yet
The one I haven’t slept with

Do you want this with me
Can I offer my cassette
I couldn’t want more
Nothing more for what we would

To make love with a mixtape

© GÄ

Falls the Notes

I’ll write a sacred song for you
I’ll hum a reverent tune
Make music from my heart for you
Sing as the crocus bloom
My mind is awfully occupied
Of dreaming about you
A phenomena that even I
Cannot seem to unscrew
This is a lifelong passion longing
A chain reaction to be told
To all the thoughts
I’ve written down
To sing the lyrics of age old
To finally find your listening ears
And serenade you with the sounds
That hold you close to me for once
To sing the words in lyric rounds
That make you feel secure
To chip away the outer bark
That must protect you from the brutes
To soothe the heaviness of life
To sing a psalm I wrote for you
A tune that you can always carry
Throughout time where’er you roam
Where’er your boots may climb about
Where’er you’re walking into town
I’ll write a sacred song for you
To remember in your heart
Let your voice box tremble sweetly
Let the leaves that rustle play
In the trees the branch wood instrumental
Clicking drums the pace
Sit beside me on this bench
Rest your head in open lap
Let me comb my fingers round your crown
O’er your head so nicely found
Falls the notes
Of true loves magic
Falls the notes
Of dreamy sounds
Falls the miracle
Of music in a divinating sound

© GÄ

I Wrote A Song

Pleasing and perfect
My transformed will
Freed from the patterns
Of this world
I walk through a kind of
Corridor of love
Even towards the ones
That don’t seem
To deserve it
Who can judge the
Public heart
There is a sphere of sympathy
Wondered thereupon
Standing completely
Unhooked and resisting
Unhallowed uncertainty
The stars ring passionately
Healing bruises by a
Brighter pleasure
And you
Like to dance?
I wrote a song for you
A hidden source of music
Exploring every crevice
In nature
Fatal eye contact
Your conscious gift
Is my happy sound

© GÄ

Wheat Song

A witness that reflects
What has been
Passage to and from every cell
Arriving and existing
Counting the extraordinary
Hairs on your head

Five sparrows sold
For the encumbrance
Of your love is still not enough
Resounding in the sound
Of a refuge ever present
I tell myself
Drive right through it
That hollow darkness
Whisper in this mouth
Shaking wearily as we
Shadow box the backroads
In a triumph forever
Cultivating laughter
The yellow canary sings
To meet us graciously
At the roots
Of every tree
Reaching quietly
Into the absence
Of our bodies
As they once were
In the golden rustling fields
Sung sweet with wheat

© GÄ

Distant Song

The one thing
Seems always searching
Sparkle of hope in your eyes
All built up in excitement
Perfect fingers
Perfect toes
Gorgeous eyes
Gorgeous nose

My fingers burn to stroke
My lips missing every detail
Of your secret
My palm can feel the breath
In your stomach
Little hairs echo hello
On my skin
And leave an imprint long
And stretching
Lost in waiting
For everything wanted

On the bus
Pretending to focus
Your canvas at the edge of my mouth
Our eyelashes combing one another
All the trees around us are melting

It’s just like I pictured
And nothing is framed
As I thought it would be

I will wait
For fate to reveal itself
To conjure up the muscle
Behind what is patient for me
Tolerant for us

When can I touch you
I’ve been tempted so long
When does the labyrinth
Open doors distant song

© GÄ