When we’re ready to
Give it up
Say goodbye
Flip the script and pick
Side A or side B

Like charades falling apart
I’m looking through your eyes
From where I stand
Look at these possessions
That I presented
For you to love

Can I listen to this tape
And pretend that you’re there
Would it be the same if you were?
Will it sound better without you

All the stories that are sung
Chapter by chapter
Verse to verse
Can I listen
Can I watch
Before the one
Who wants it shows up
I’m arriving
Now that it’s done
You’re the one I haven’t met yet
The one I haven’t slept with

Do you want this with me
Can I offer my cassette
I couldn’t want more
Nothing more for what we would

To make love with a mixtape

© GÄ

Would You

would she think
it would be
any different
from being
my friend

maybe it’s the mixtape
i sent
maybe it’s the same
as I would be
if someone
compiled music
for me

would you…?
then I might assume
you meant
something more
than you mean
but then
maybe we

could make out
to the mixtape
you might
send me

© GÄ