What Did You Feel

Was it real?
Did you feel
What you said you felt?
Now I have to question
All the things you said
And maybe it’s because
We never went to bed
And maybe it’s because
You can’t control me
Like you control everyone else
Or maybe it’s because
It wasn’t real
How did you feel
My recent conclusion
Comes from waves of outer space
Knowing that you could just be
A comet burning brightly
In and out of my existence
Just an outline to erase
Though we had years
To rediscover one another
I may not have been what you need
In this phase of your life
And I can’t need you
To be there for me
In ways that you’re
Incapable of being
Too bad it feels
Too late

© GÄ


Do you feel the distance
Of keeping up but still
It’s so far away
Do you want to
Get closer
Keep reaching out
Asking the me
That you know
To be able to
Achieve the things
That feel the distance
Of letting it all go
Letting it become
What it wants to be
As we strive to have
Our voices heard
So many of us
Have things to say
But do not feel like
We are heard
How do we ask
For the world
To listen…

Do you feel done in this town
Is there a question
Going round about you
Or is it all in your head
Only we know our value
Watch it take off
When the truth of
“Who I am”
Rises to the occasion
There is only one answer
Be yourself

Grab a quill
Grab a pen
Whatever it takes
Make no mistake-

You never know
Maybe the one
You always hoped
To hear what you have to say
Will be or is already watching

© GÄ

Just Wait

How little do we know
How indescribable are those
That touch us in romantic ways
Without touching us at all

Figments of imagination
Joyous points of exhalation
Screaming inside with desire
Quietly composed with
Invigorating fire

Enjoying every moment
Silently traverse
Within ourselves

If I say nothing
Will you hear me anyway
If I do nothing
Will you simply walk away

Do I move
Or remain still
With everything I feel

© GÄ