Trusting You

I trust your word is truth
We are innocent the two of us
We have not experienced
Any of this
Thinking there could be
Something more
Is just a part of what
Our compassion
Wants to be
You would think
Bodies and minds
Could change this geography
But we’re both on the same rock
Standing together
Accosted by love
Scarlet centuries
Of plural existences
Like a geometric heart
Erected in the universe
Inescapable affects
Of pure certainty
I trust your word is truth
Look out for me
I’ll be looking out for you

© GÄ

Trust is Truth

Hearing the truth
Is awkward
It can be daunting

To be
In total control
Over what I do

Why would one want to?

I am an energy
Driven person
I consider all things
How I make my move

If I tell you the truth
Will you accept it?
Or will you make me
Want to regret it?

The only growth we have
Is the chance we take
In sharing the reality
That ignites our fate

If we speak the truth
We live the truth
To seek the truth
Will refuse
Any clouded
Passive imagination
That will mask
Our crystal view

I don’t want to fake it
Till we make it
This would create
A false pretense
We can be the truth
A sad defense

Behold our honesty
Trust so brilliant
Clear and shining through
Without cruel restriction
To discover
Balanced truth

© GÄ