Back At Me

You read me
Like an open book he said
I just threw my head around
In every which way
I wanted him to like me
But then what would I do
If he actually did
Maybe grow my hair out
Or paint my bedroom walls blue
There was that one color
I really liked
Similarly to his eyes
I wonder if I could hide my
True feelings if he asked
When he came over
If he came over
About the blue walls
I painted them blue
Because of you
You are so beautiful
Nah, probably just lie
And say I wanted to remember
That time I was with my favorite
Childhood best friend
Who was also a dog
A beautiful dog
More beautiful than any human
I’ve ever encountered
Except for you I could say
Really it’s just a dream
Unless he actually came to
Sit with me on my bed
Looking up at the ceiling
I count all the spots I can see
In hapless wonder
I think what a joy it would be
To have him smile
Back at me

© GÄ

Yet Begins

Subtle smile
Beauty astral
A single forever
Situated in an
Everlasting bouquet
Hanging upside down
By the sliding glass door

Remember my soul
Eager to love
At no time violent
Complimenting antidotes
For heaven like sheets
Wrapped about our
Legs and arms and things

We have a fascinating
History yet to be told
Remember this when
We are old
Recall it all before we have
What we have yet begun to hold

A night song exhaled
In streams of red
Love red words unsaid
Remember what we
Have yet to begin
After our limbs are draped
About the bed
White noise from the fan
Drifting calmly
Against your hand
Waking up
My finger drawn
Across your lips

The glowing labours
Of our love
Swollen in the walls
I remember the color
A little less brighter
The night before

Cease the northern lights
If our disheveled passion
Ends on distant winds
Before the shaking
Of our pleasure
Yet begins

© GÄ

Hold That Smile

Like you mean it
Don’t let it slide
Make it wide
Last awhile
So brilliant

Don’t second guess
If the other person
Really means it
Keep the edges up
Curved full of love

Beamingly pleased
Smile like you mean it
Watch your eyes sparkle back
Through the window
That reflects in the
Eyes of the soul

We don’t have to
Fake it till we make it
This is your moment
So hold on to it tight

Make it bright
Until you drive away
Until you turn the corner
Until they walk away

Hold that smile

© GÄ