Hold Still

Am I too forthcoming
I swelter
Looking in one door
When you’re looking
Out the other
Like a vacation
Without you there

The sky, the light, the dark
A slipstream of fundamental
Certainly you want to
Be here

My contemporary counterpart
Across all of time
Intoxicated helplessly
Restlessly divine
Always comforted
To discover you

From everything that
Cradles your body and spirit
If we live, we live
If we die, we die
Whether we live or die
We belong

Like the words to a song
Even to one that knows it well
And I can only wonder how much

Hereafter we will tell
Stories of the beauty
Of your laughter
Inscribing it
Peeking through the clouds
To find even a crooked path
To the foot
Of your door

Have I mislaid my steps
Hearth and heart
Across the space
Not too far apart

I know I’ll find you
Just hold still

© GÄ

Hold That Smile

Like you mean it
Don’t let it slide
Make it wide
Last awhile
So brilliant

Don’t second guess
If the other person
Really means it
Keep the edges up
Curved full of love

Beamingly pleased
Smile like you mean it
Watch your eyes sparkle back
Through the window
That reflects in the
Eyes of the soul

We don’t have to
Fake it till we make it
This is your moment
So hold on to it tight

Make it bright
Until you drive away
Until you turn the corner
Until they walk away

Hold that smile

© GÄ