My Lover

My lover stabbed me one thousand times
Over and over with piercing eyes
Looked me up and down
Thrusting my veiled disguise
Through and through
Rescuing my skin
With several strokes of the tongue
100 different stars I’ve counted
When I close my eyes with you
I recall their starchild names in Latin
Monoceros, Triangulum and Pavo
I recall one looks like you
Spread out spaciously
Against midnight satin navy
My soul splits open wide
Stab me again with your loving eyes
Wrapped in forever sheets
No beginning, no end
Let me be your mortal prize
A lusty labyrinth full of
Dizzying cries

© GÄ


A lover not a partner
A partner in love
Sexy time
Live your life
I’ll live mine
Not a husband
Not a wife
Lover to love
Every part of you
Up and down
Only for each other
Lover not a boyfriend
Suitor not a girlfriend
Lover not a wedding
Passion without ending
Over and over
Rolling in the sheets
No hesitations
Lips on every crevice
Take it slow and deep
A spicy menace
Ravishing you up and down
Hold you tight
Safe and sound
And then release you
Fly around
Until we reconvene
Mid morning sweetly
After the rain
Dripping in a puddle of you
The mystery of when
You will return leaves me
Aching with pleasure
Until I see you again
No expectations
Just your tongue
In every location
Of my body
Lover not a partner
Partner in love
Sexy time
Live your life
I’ll live mine
Not a husband
Not wife
Draw your name out
In the sand dunes with a knife
Cast a spell
I know you well
Well enough to know
That you’ll be back
Every digit
Every sound
Flip me up
Toss me around
Barely breathing
Come up for air
Pull my hair
You’re everywhere
Rolling in the sweet
Fascination of your beet red
Rosy cheeks
Explore my way inside you
Climb on top and grind you
Find my way behind you
Are we floating
Is that your neck
Salty and erect
Lover not a partner
Partner in love
Sexy time
Live your life
I’ll live mine
See you around dinner time
After the pomegranates
Have ripened

© GÄ

Friend or Lover

We are probably very different
In some ways
But very similar in many others
Could you love me like a lover
Or rather love me as a brother
Is it bizarre that I can accept

To not get lost
I would choose you
In one way or another

Although I think of you first as a lover
I can accept you as a brother
A spirit of kinship
Someone to teach
Someone to teach me
Full of ideas
To keep the touch even
As friends

Let go of questions
And arrive

Before the end

As we are
Let it be from life to come
Answers drop down
From the sky
Though disguised
Let it go
Let it flow
In a natural way
Let it evolve
Days uncounted
Years to stay

What is a best friend
After all
What is a lover
Have we fallen
What is the difference
Of another?

Are they the same
Can we find out
Are they related
In some way
Only time can tell
But to ask you

I cannot yet

Risking to lose you
By my asking
Isn’t worth it

© GÄ