They say money
Makes the world go round
It feels strange
That it should create
A happy feeling in me
To know I have some
Still on the way
To pay for a roof
Over my head
Just enough
I ask myself why
I wonder inside
What is so wonderful
About this stuff
It offers relief
Security not to think
About the required
Life expectancy
Where to find shelter
It’s like we’re all living
In a perpetual state
Of anxiety
For something
That cannot love us
For something
That carries disease
For something that
Only brings us
Temporary release
Except for the few
The fortunate ones
Born into it
Winning it
In the lottery
If we don’t learn how
To handle it
To make it grow
We’re moving slowly
Through our feelings
Through sweat and tears
To get ahead
Quietly drowning
In our fears
Of never enough
Always recalling
That there is more
To life than this
Finding something else
To get excited about
In life like love
Someone to do it with
Something other
Than drinking
Something other
Than drugs
Something better
Than this
We don’t need much
To have it all
The less we need
The more we have
Sometimes hard
To ask for
Hold on to it
Don’t let it burn
We cannot predict
Its confirmed return
Money is
That we need but
Just a hut
With some water
A blanket perhaps
Good weather
Is priceless to me
A simple life
I often ask myself
Where on Earth
Could this be

© GÄ

Little Nothing

Dream a little nothing
To seethe oats
From distant pleasure
Their empty leisure
Crowns the kindred
Goddess treasure

Money driven

Coins of rust
And rotten scale
Cannot beguile
The standard field
That turnips taste

Absent flavor
In a stubborn paste
That swirls
Like milk
In a left hand
Sink that drains
Australian style
Down under
Counter clockwise

Love is priceless

© GÄ


Involuntary spring
Jump out of everything
That weighs you down
Your heavy crown
The burden that you bear
For the title that you wear

Diamonds and rubies
Cannot hold a candle to love
Dark passageways lit
By the prestige
Of what the world expects
You to be

Glow up
Push through
Often there will be
No answer for
What you will learn
When you cross over
Into the heavenly lair

King of love
Queen of kindness
Money is only temporary
Your highness
A kiss on the cheek
Is worth more than
All the tokens in your keep

Create the memories
That will join you in your castle
In the clouds
Not the memories
That you will leave
In a pile of bricks
On this earthly shroud

Sensations fill the air
With everything you need
The magic of less
The feeling of more
Deep in your heart
Beneath the pores
Of this temporary

© GÄ