It’s the Truth

If there are
No more requests
I’ll let you go
For now
I don’t want to
Slap myself
Or wear a sign
Around my neck
That says
Don’t manipulate me
With the obvious
Love story
Don’t allow me
To manipulate you
By sending charming
Hearts to hopefully
Make myself feel better
Or to convince myself
That you love me
Even if I
Made a mistake
Because I know
That you love me
I’m just really bad at
Telling myself that
It’s the truth

© GÄ

For Later

If a good lie
Can make people happy
Then what can
The truth do
Maybe we touch too deeply
Maybe our fingers get smaller
Perhaps our feet get colder
Do you know?
If a good lie
Can make people happy
Why should we
Tell the truth
Maybe our hearts
Get a little taller
Maybe our lives
Intertwining enthrall us
Perhaps our lips are
A bit more glossy
Do you know?

Kissing your heartbeat
Is better than missing out
On your truth

If a good lie
Can make you happy
What will our truth do
Will it console you
Would you feel better
If I untold you
If this is true
Then I will be your best storyteller
We can save the truth
For later

© GÄ