A moment of pause inspires a thought

Do you take me seriously
Do you believe
That I mean what I say?

Do you think that
I’m too serious
Do you just not care

My intentions are good
My feelings are strong
Can it be understood
My emotions are a vessel

There is no tragic curse

Is it dangerous to accept
Do you have to be first
Is there an order
In how this plays
Does it mean nothing or
Do you just not care

I am genuine
I am thoughtful
I am sober
I am austere

Would it matter
If I did nothing
Or do you even care?

Serenely composed
Unnecessarily compared

Am I important
Deserving attention
Or do you even care!

An epiphany no matter how absurd

Take note of
My consideration
I always keep my word
I always follow through
You may not take me seriously
Take it to heart
Because I do

I cannot trust you
If you cannot see
The value to come through

In every touch
With every breath
Though perhaps radiant

And silly how ‘bout
A clue

There is intention
And deep thought
In every little thing
I do

Why should I want
To be
Taken seriously
If it’s by someone
Like you

© GÄ