Take the thickness
Take the sad
I want to
And it wants you

Minutes after
I’m still heavy
The unreal
To what you feel
What it could be

And oh,
What you carry…

…unmarry yourself
Will you blind

Rest your head
In my lap

Who mussed your feathers?

For the hurricane will subside
It will subside

© GÄ

The Rest

Does the fear
Exist around me or
Inside me
Does it tickle
The outside of us
Or try to run me over
Like a bus full of
Unnecessary emotion
Nonexistent commotion

The heavens
Part the sky
In a declaration
Of the glory of You
The skies cry out
In their adoration
Of you

Day after day
Each cloud
Each ray of sunlight
Night after night
The stars
Reveal knowledge
Of how ancient
Our beauty is
Which I would have
No clue about
If I wasn’t looking
At you

You are the spark
Flint on my heart

You are the reflection
That reminds me
Not to let the moment
Pass us by
Mother Nature tours
Us through what we
Have yet to expose
And my blood is beating
In your chest
Stealing cherries
From the
Tree limbs that are our
Diving boards
Into the ocean
Of life
Without you
I could not write
The rest

© GÄ


Rest my head on
Your shoulder
A place to comfort
Everything in me
You make me stronger

You make me want you longer
Better than the rest

I don’t always want
To let go
I’m not ready for
Our time to end
When did it begin?

I watch you say goodbye
Like I’m looking down a
Distant tunnel
Escaping my view

Calling out to you
Don’t go
Even though
It’s not the last time
That I’ll see you

I know it’s silly
I just really love
To be with you

You tuck me in
Even if I resist

When I give in to you
Dreams of our love
Are coasting through
My head
Until I’m resting
In your arms

© GÄ