Rest my head on
Your shoulder
A place to comfort
Everything in me
You make me stronger

You make me want you longer
Better than the rest

I don’t always want
To let go
I’m not ready for
Our time to end
When did it begin?

I watch you say goodbye
Like I’m looking down a
Distant tunnel
Escaping my view

Calling out to you
Don’t go
Even though
It’s not the last time
That I’ll see you

I know it’s silly
I just really love
To be with you

You tuck me in
Even if I resist

When I give in to you
Dreams of our love
Are coasting through
My head
Until I’m resting
In your arms

© GÄ

Published by

Geino Äotsch

|B|arber |M|usic |T|ea I am an artist & an advocate. A spiritual lover. Executive Director for Author of & Creator & Owner at Music & Hair at