As I caress the silken warmth
Of your hands
Listen to the breath
That breathes the air
That blows the sand

Beyond us and below us
Above us and before us
Touch me again
Fold your arms around me
Climb inside me

And then…

Reach outstretched—
Engulfed beneath we
Come up for air
So indiscreetly

Accept this sweet incarnadine
So free, so delicate, so gently

Releasing all the pain
Breathe in and out again
Push into calm devotion
Divine carefree emotion

In a hot spring
Diving deep and in between
Cleaving in the cave
Of loves ravine

Hush now
Whispers here to comfort you
I’ll strum your hairs
Slip into dreams of palest blue

© GÄ

Night Steps

Kissing water
Onto the citadel
Out splashing
The fish
New glistening
On wet lips
Answers come
In tidal waves
Never quite empty
Always quite full

Will you take a drink
From this waterfall
Are you thirsty
Enough to quench
Is there something less arid
Do the currents abed
Is this our moment
Next to black

If you were sand
My head would dip lovingly
Into your dune

If you were outer space
My heart would hang brightly
Over your moon

If you were ocean
My hands would hold lightly
Buckets of you

If you were a cyclone
My blood would run hotly
With airwaves in tune
Over your radio
Singing la la la la la
Humming da da da da
Wind chimes

Was that a miracle
On the hill?
Will you bring roses
To my dreams?
Possibly wrap your arms
Around my screams?

But really

I don’t actually want to scream
I’m handing you my bones
A sacred skeleton key
I just want to know you
Will you
Come climb the
Satin blue ivy
Walk the night steps
Crawling up the mosslike green
Into a bed
Where you can
Rest here next to me?

© GÄ

Keep My Love

If you keep my love
You will remain in my love
Just as I have kept your love
We will remain in this love

Into a bird precisely because
You have been love
Given this love
The gods are generous
In love

In this way
I have loved to avoid anger
In this way
I have loved to avoid fear
In this way
I cannot avoid excitement

This the very love that
Prompts my wings from
A nesting place deep inside

This the very love
That shuttles me out
Past the neon signs
At midnight

If you keep my love
You will remain in my love

© GÄ


I was found
I am sore

This is
The story of
How I lost
The graph
To my most
Intimate design

Broken my duality
The reflection

My throttle
Black creeping

You mastered
The love
Didn’t you
You conquerer
Unforgiving taker

I want to
Slide digits
Against the back
The open crack
In me

The hidden
Caged glowing
How it bubbles
Oh how it

Soothe the
Mend it with
Friends and
Warm honey

Newfound land
Hearts command
A common place
Waiting on an
In a speechless

Silence speaks
A thousand

© GÄ


Is it a jealous boyfriend
Or just my third eye burning

You may not choose to
Share your bed with a copacetic
Head if you unearth
Your palace as an exciting
And wondrous place

Do you marvel at the handiwork
While nature vines about
Twisting through the sod
Do you want to see it close
Rub your nose in the fruit of life
Does a sunrise smell of change
Are we two peas in a pod

The brackish seawater
Calls to the mermaid in your
Green and noble heart
At its first spring
Flower petals softly floating
Like the snow around your soul
Scales protect you from the sting
In a magnificently trialed
Stand in western lonesome awe

Find your legs on the abîme
After your journey through
On the back of your pet Loch Ness
For life can be a monster

A blunder or a wonder in this world
Turns pool tides upward into a
Universal bridge unbending
Without a passion for mystery
Pressed between our pages
There are at least
Two ways to breathe into the night

One is as though nothing is a miracle
Just what is always there
The other the phenomenon that we are
Between the rhythms in our chests
Love will not vanish from our breasts
Even after we are gone

© GÄ

The Chance

Moved by you in ways
I can’t explain
I let my tears
Make purpose rain

I wish I would have had
The honor of knowing you
Your presence astounds
Even the acceptance of itself

Thank you, for what you
Have given me
Is more than anyone
Could have known to give

In sadness I struggle
Because your beauty is so striking
I wish only that everyone
Could witness just how
Incredible you are

Somehow overlooked
I know that no one
Could have ever
Loved you in the way
That you deserved
Because I never had
The chance

© GÄ


She smiles behind the curtain
No appreciation for the uncertain
My uncalculated search in
Finding no conversion
For what she hides
Her beauty

If she could only see
How I am only here
To be the truth
She’s clearly

© GÄ

The Letter

In not so many words
I let you in
I led you in
With not so many kisses
Just the same
And so you came
With your twinkle
Your disguise
You snuck right in
To my surprise
I gave a tilt
A slight romance
A one way chance

But oh too far
The letter pushed
You out the door
Before I knew
What I could harbor
If your presence
Was not
Savory in distance

“I’m open I’ll back off”
Means nothing more
Than just false action
If there isn’t a reaction
To the ploy
No satisfaction
For the all too ready boy

So I dipped in
To take a swim
In someone else’s kind of pond
Someone quite fond
Of passion
Tearing open my french doors

The heat attraction
Magnetized our interaction
And the cup did runneth over
With the scent of our distraction
To each other
This in arms
Hanging off the bed
Be it no alarm that could repeat
Our deep enticement

© GÄ


I came here to retrieve you
To break the chains
That bind you
To free you from your prison

The guard at the gate
Let me in
Take my hand
I’ll show you the way

« It’s not the way I know.
Die with me. » She said.
For she could barely lift her head
And when she did
She saw her curtains
Take their bow

Hurry! We must leave
If you stay here any longer
Your will cannot believe
That there is any breath
Left in you to be stronger

I grabbed her hand
And tightly so
It’s measure was so small
So feeble and so pale
It slipped like death through all
My ready fingers

I knelt down
To pick her up
My arms beneath her arms
I lifted us
Her shoulders shifted
And with her palms raised
To the sky
She folded out from me
Spilling like a cup
Completely empty

« You see, you cannot take me. »
She sank to the floor in desperation
But that’s absurd, you —
« You see, you cannot make me. »
She crawled back to the wall

« I have to see it your way,
And all I see is mine. »

I said —
Open your eyes, there’s so much more!
« I’m grateful that you came,
And I love you so insanely
I have built this prison
To remind me of my pain. »

I said —
But now we can go!
You’re free to leave
« Only I can say it’s so
And what is there for me
On the outside? »

« I’ve nothing left to live for
I’d rather bathe my agony
Befriend my lonely sore. »

I pleaded with all my might
Her eyes refused my sight
Pushing me away
As limp-like as she was

I turned in slowing steps
Hoping she would change
Her mind would rearrange
Before I touched the gate

As I passed the guard I sighed
He looked at me with eyes
Of knowing and reprise

I failed to bring her back, she was
Much too far behind, and so
I left her there to find
Whatever she believed
Her sentence would

In time

© GÄ

Love Terrors

Sovereign love
Why did you make
My heavens delighted to touch you
Why is my earth quaking with your
Terrific power and wide smile
Nothing is too difficult for you
Will I dream about it for a long time?
Will I linger in your nonexistent arms?
Will I find you under the bed
Hide to jump and scare me if you dare
Do I wish for you to sneak behind a wall?
Grab hold of me and shake me
With your love terrors
Wrap me in your playful charms
Pull me around like the stars
If I wake up and find you laughing
In the drum of my ear
I would only be dreaming
For I will never find you here
A game of waiting
But I can play pretend
Until someone like you
Does exactly this
My friend

© GÄ