Seedling Life

Wholesome talk
Helpful thoughts
Benefits the digging
And rebuilding
Friendships for peace
Time bends reason
Sparks the freedom
Opening the gates
Unselfish interests
Dearly loved
Are the residents
We keep
Shattered suspicions
Narrowed contritions
Territories of love as
The tree grows
Up from seedling life
To peek into the wise
Old eyes of owls
Shaped by riverbeds
From visionary history
Into the soil
And fields we’ve toiled
To be the words we read
The grains of knowledge
That we reap

© GÄ

Where I Am

Other fantasies
A treasure of tender
Elemental endless

What’s the formula
Potions of night and nothingness
Prized to be
Pressed up against
The lips like bowing
Heads of pink rust roses

Wisdom and humility
Letters to God
Good fortune dreaming
Blessings painted blue
In skies azure
You have such
Minimalistic measure
Beautiful messes
Fragrant tresses
Draped through
Long fingers curved up
Outwardly unfrozen

Eyes of love
Where would you
Have me list my heart?

In the crossword of
Some paper
An advertisement
Some new title
Of your favorite
Glossary or
Columned classifieds

Tell me how
To show you
Where I am

© GÄ


The darkest charisma
Is a love for clouds
And pipe dreams
That scream I want you
In the softest whisper
At your ear

For them the song
Is framed in stars
Around your face
Invaded not
Uncaged and translated
By some language
Within the sea

The letters we rely on
To describe our true feelings
Fall flat especially
When feelings don’t
Have letters

Whatever the words
Know that you are heard
In the deepest caverns
Some still untouched
In this ambitious heart
Awaiting your indelible

© GÄ


Why not fumble over being
Shivering in our marrow
Before we’re dead and gone
Truly feel the absence
Of a grave exhilarating
In the beauty of life
Entering a new kind of spectrum
Autumn fortunes
Flamboyant ignitions
Patiently missing
Or not missing the past
Living now in the bad news
With the exception of lifting
The world up
An encouragement is
Like a comforter
A warm blanket
Wrapped up with a cool breeze
Drifting across the face
Almost like floating
In outer space
Or at least I think so
Only astronauts know
What role do we
Cast ourselves in?
How far can we be
From reality
Dog whistles
And cotton candy
One day I plan to be
A little more klutzy
A little less organized
The ultimate carefree
Finally loving
Every part of the
Less sympathetically
Monster hiding under our beds
Funny story is
The dark is rather comforting
Even though I’ve always been
Drawn to the light
The fastest lion in the jungle
Jumps into every heart
Why wait for sunlight?
How do we get wherever
We want to go anyway?
Looking back I never knew
I’d be here

© GÄ

Dinner for Two

I will say it again
Love must eat
The heart must sleep
Forever goes the
Little street that curves
And winds and rings
The chimes along
A path that has
Nay signs except
For those that
Travel through your mind
Left or right the journey’s
Same as that which
Travels forward back
And still I say again
Love must eat
The heart must sleep
Forever goes the way

In a culvert
Sipping on the ripples of you
I keep a lookout
For the skyline
Of your forehead
Enchanting silence blue
Between the poppy beds
And a colored pool is a
Mirrored view for two

© GÄ

We Are

Our souls are intertwined
You shine I shine
Jumping keeps us
Above the compass
Hidden in our blood
There’s still enough
Time left for Australia
Many more lines
Before we write the last one

If we spontaneously combust
We’ll do it together
Let our hair down
Turn our smiles up
Shakers of heaven and earth
Our fingertips rumble
The energy of everything
We touch intentionally

Mountains turn their peaks
As we fly by
The sky is a carpet
For you and I to glide
Independent dreamers
We wrote the constitution
Before language was born
A single letter streaming
In the shape of a heart

© GÄ

A Thousand Sparks

Watch my supernova
Plunge into a woundedness
I don’t run from love
I will not shrink away
From it’s greatness
I tripped over my heart
Fell on my face
Sort of like
Nightlife meets grey hairs
Morning proves that I still rise
Sustaining innocence
Denial of my age
Offers again
Uncertainties that wait
On the last step
Tapping my foot
At the oven of life
Roasting away at what
Reveals a cherished height
Yet when I peel the husk back
I still find the flavor
Of my youth intact
Never too much tenderness
Manifestations mastered
A less grivois call
Willingness to grab ahold
Later I recall
It’s possible to fall
Again on my face
If to love hard
Is the culprit
The lights cannot be
Turned off
A muzzle at a kissing booth
Will not suffice
A hug without my arms
Dwindles the engine
On the autobahn
A long drive out
On the highway
Of my heart but what a ride
Slightly turning
I will tell all the stories
But first
We wane
Pointing past the muck
Into the charms
Of better luck
A consensual storm
Where my heart will explode
Into a thousand sparks

© GÄ


I will not disappear
I will not fall to fears
Watch the dust settle
On my eyelids
A paragraph of lust
And a glass of magic
Taketh no prisoners
On the path of love
Love them all
Adore the outskirts
Drink the scented manuscripts
Written in our miracle
A masterpiece worth
Pondering and kneeling
Down to simultaneously
Fuse me into your will
My passion is
On ground level

We can stand under
A dark cloud waiting
For whatever
Feeling the flood
Rendering the because
Driving to the opera
On the shoulders of
Sweet kisses
Not because we’re obligated
Not because we have nothing
Left to do

Not because we can
But because we want to

I watched you proclaim
Your romantic holiday
After we climbed the fire escape
Later standing at the edge
Of eleven stories
We wrote the twelfth one
On our way down

Did we leave the blanket
On the roof
Is this our proof
That we have no
Lack of love
In the eyes of
All the strangers
We never knew

Some cosmic carving
On the bark of our hearts

© GÄ


Exploring the metaphor
Elegant and surreal
Possibly inspired
By the great heat
That rises from within
An alpinism or chemistry
Of climbing to the top
Of every emotion
Every bubble
Before it pops
Is the summit of our lust
A gift or a curse
When I am blind
When I can no longer see
When the blindfold
Cannot keep me
From the answers that
I feel
I feel
I feel
What do you see?
Traces imperceptibly
Dabs of ink
Scribbles on notebook covers
A crush a lush for romance
A mountaineer that tiptoes
A puppeteer of music
On heart strings
It’s chemistry
An experiment
Scientific physically
Body and landscape
Eager for the wind
Or just your breath
Against my skin
It feels the same
I feel
I feel
I feel
I will not turn from it
Even when I’m old
There’s no switchblade
That could hold me back
I remember the snake
In the tale about the apple
Desiring fruit
Can be so risky
Just like chemistry

© GÄ

Not My Hand

One drop two drop three drop

How many drips till we settle the

You could make your home with


Just as the heavens cohabitate
With the clouds
Just as clouds coexist with the stars
Just as stars commingle
With the moon
Just as one bed is
Big enough for two
I am with you
But also
You don’t have to

Independently we can share
These things
Visit upon them
There is no command
To therefore be
The authority on co-anything

Even if it’s not my hand
You’re holding

© GÄ