The Attendant

From the window
Dreaming listlessly
Through a small hole
I saw a woman
Cleaning a birdcage
Her face was beautiful
Like a swallows flight
In mid air
Long hair flowing about

The aroma of cinnamon toast
Floating everywhere
My senses all too aware
Like a gypsy fortune teller

Sometimes we see things
We shouldn’t see
Shaped like a memory
We can never forget
Strange I thought
And placed my hand
On my head
To feel my temperament
I bet I could break a hundred
If character or disposition
Could be measured
You know
Sealed glass and mercury
Rising and falling
With emotional levels

Window shopping
When relief seeks its way
To the top of blossoms so sweet
So natural and
Unassumingly with wonder
You wonder what I mean

Watching all the cars drive by
I think to myself
There goes another life
I wonder if that life
Would like to know about mine?

With each boring moment
Arrives another one
Ever so alluring
Like the art on the walls
That keeps changing every month

Hmm, I guess if I hadn’t known
About love I wouldn’t ponder
To think it might have forgotten me
But then again how could it
I’ve hardly been a day
Without it in fact
I can’t remember when
It wasn’t at the forefront
Of my mind

Yes, voyeurism
The look of love
The heart that’s sitting
Opposite in time
From mine
Warped by butterfly wings
On the tips
Of prosperity

Have you any sense of direction?
If you’ve half a mind
Or could even find the time
Meet me on the corner of
Fifty-Second and Charles
I’ll be waiting there with
A cameo of you
I had it made
Especially to impress
Your handsome heart

© GÄ

Published by

Geino Äotsch

An artist & spiritual lover. Author of & - Tea Maker & Owner of - Hair & Music at