Mixed Up

A little mixed up
The highs and lows
The to’s and fro’s
Wishes floating
‘Round in the sky
Pappus flying
All around me
Too easy to
Be sad

Watch the emotions
Meter up and down
Escalator running
Soaring in reverse
Making headway
Upside down
Upended smiles
Riding upturned
On a dandelion parachute
Nothing to catch me
From falling
Gliding head over heels
With broken wheels
Eagerly anticipating
The distance

Holding on with everything
Ready to let go
At any given moment
Nothing is absolute
Not even the beat
Of my heart
Even as it repeats
I know
Only love
Is forever

I can see love
In everything
Even as the trees
Even as the stars
Even as the Earth

Love is still there
Hovering exciting
Withstanding despair
Only love is forever

© GÄ

Forever Enticing

Forever biting
Chipping away at
The best part of us
Unfolding all the truths
Learning every piece
Seeing how it fits
Deeper than sex
Could ever expect
To get

A combination
Sensual relation
Of the mind

All in good time
My dear

All in good time

We will see a bigger
Piece than both of us
That we create together
Forever enticing
The placement
Of two hearts
In one
Sharing one lung
Sharing one sun

You are fetching
My inner angel
Overlapping our cathedrals
Alluring the afternoon
Between us

Pianos in our eyes
Rolling on the floor

I believe I saw you once
Eating delicious figs
In a succulent dream
Three or four
Forever enticing
Our friendship
Beyond what stellar

© GÄ