I know there’s something there
But I don’t know where
And I don’t know what
We can feel it but
We don’t know
How untrammeled

Like a canal
A tubular channel to lead the way
Some interstellar direction
But who can truly say
Would it be whom that knows
The passage leads the way?

There’s something there

© GÄ

Where I Am

Other fantasies
A treasure of tender
Elemental endless

What’s the formula
Potions of night and nothingness
Prized to be
Pressed up against
The lips like bowing
Heads of pink rust roses

Wisdom and humility
Letters to God
Good fortune dreaming
Blessings painted blue
In skies azure
You have such
Minimalistic measure
Beautiful messes
Fragrant tresses
Draped through
Long fingers curved up
Outwardly unfrozen

Eyes of love
Where would you
Have me list my heart?

In the crossword of
Some paper
An advertisement
Some new title
Of your favorite
Glossary or
Columned classifieds

Tell me how
To show you
Where I am

© GÄ