Take a Bite

I thought I was hungry
I forgot my appetite
Or even that I had one
To watch me eat
Would it bring you
Great pleasure?

I am hungry still
But not for food
I have an appetite for
Life for living
For not saying goodbye
Too soon
For not telling a lie
But the truth
And maybe for
Catching you
Like a fish
If honesty
Gets away
From you

What if
You would be the one
That I would call
If I locked myself in a closet
And couldn’t see anyone
You could be the one
That I would call

If I were famous
If I couldn’t read the things
That people said
If I couldn’t search the web
You are the only one
Who would know me
Through it all

A different kind of hunger
If I were famous
A desire to be free
To be alone
Just long enough
To recall
How to
Take a bite

© GÄ

Bitter Bite

Little words
Neutral love
It puts to sleep
What round and rivet
That tic-toc
Like clock
Time of misgiving

Do not let
Your bitter belly
Crawl through
Acid incisors that might
Eat you like a child
Who cries to feel
The umbilical cord

© GÄ