One Letter

Where do you go
When you go?
Meet me here at 17:00h
Climb through the fence
Underneath the wall if
You want to see
The seeds I’ve planted
For you
It’s lonely in the tunnel
Without you
Did you ever notice
How close the word lonely
Is to lovely?
One letter away

Could we be one
Letter away
From the possibility
Of holding hands
Resting my leg
On top of yours
Some small touch

Do you have a friend
You like a lot
Or perhaps is there
A spot
For someone like me
One letter away
One tiny kaleidoscopic exchange
Maybe a spoon shape
We could lay in

Anywhere, any way

When the mirrors in the
Pond fall apart
And back together again
I think maybe I could be
That friend
For you

One letter away
From lovely

© GÄ

The Letter

In not so many words
I let you in
I led you in
With not so many kisses
Just the same
And so you came
With your twinkle
Your disguise
You snuck right in
To my surprise
I gave a tilt
A slight romance
A one way chance

But oh too far
The letter pushed
You out the door
Before I knew
What I could harbor
If your presence
Was not
Savory in distance

“I’m open I’ll back off”
Means nothing more
Than just false action
If there isn’t a reaction
To the ploy
No satisfaction
For the all too ready boy

So I dipped in
To take a swim
In someone else’s kind of pond
Someone quite fond
Of passion
Tearing open my french doors

The heat attraction
Magnetized our interaction
And the cup did runneth over
With the scent of our distraction
To each other
This in arms
Hanging off the bed
Be it no alarm that could repeat
Our deep enticement

© GÄ