Are we standing in a graveyard
Of light or the underbrush
That caught fire to clean
The forest in our hearts out

Climbing to the top of
Every building
Shouting out fearlessly
We still have more life to live
We still have more love to give

Is the sound of traffic
Rolling by before our eyes
Emptiness or the beginning
Of something grandeur
Something big
Something that says
Live, live, LIVE!

What we thought was important
May not be what we believe now
But somehow the truest
Parts of ourselves
Are taken down
Off the shelves and
Placed into a quiet action
Ready to spring at
Any given moment

We are all connected in tragedy
For the first time
We are all realizing just how much
For all of us that wanted this
Connectedness we never asked
That it should come through pain
But then again the Multiverse
Knows best

The sun continues to go
Up and down
Down and up
We find new ways to fill our cups
Somehow what seemed
To matter before has shifted
The consciousness
Of life is found bright
Underneath rocks and stones
Vibrating deep in our bones

Is this a grave yard of life
Or catastrophic breath of death
Each role takes its turn
Each frequency finds its home

As we find a home in one another
Whether it be at the end of
Valiant sight upon the green
Looking over the serene magic
We imagined to build these things
The knife has light
The drum has passion
Casting rays of heat
Through drops of rain
Like the tears of our
Ancestors on some greater plane

Standing in a graveyard
Full of life with a beating chest
Pumping vibrantly
Looking back
Looking forward
With so much more to give
Live, live, LIVE!

© GÄ

Love Me

I woke up
With tears in my eyes
Crying for you
Opened deodorant left on the bed
Scrambled in your head

Why didn’t I love you more?
Why didn’t we spend more time?
Life is so distracting
How do we forget what’s important
Until after someone dies

In my dream I didn’t want
To make it in this life without you
I couldn’t imagine it

Grandpa was there
To hold me
Even though he was
Gone before you

I guess the missing never ends
And there’s really never enough time
So the time we had is perfect
And the time we have is
Left up to us
At my altar
In the garden
You’re still a part of me

In every flower
In every tree
You rescue me

No matter where you are
No matter where you went
I know that you just
Love me

© GÄ

Fever for You

You send chills
Up my body and
Into my bed
A magical place
Where I suddenly
Remember everything
I forgot to do
You’ve got such a
Nice glow about you
Lanterns hanging above us
Swinging about
Rockabye love
In your arms
Albeit likely
Virtual for the time being
But you’ll be here
Coming around the later
Clock hour
I’d wait all night for you
Waitin’ for you is a tease
And a blessin’
You keep me guessin’
Suppose that makes me
Hotter for you
Like I’ve got a fever for you
Can’t hardly tell the difference
Between honey on bread
Or your lips on me
There’s a certain music
That plays in my head
When you’re around
Different than the tune
I hear when you’re not around
That song pines a bit
I’ve got the incense lit
Watching it draw shapes
Around the room
Reminds me of the shape of you
The way it lingers in the air
It hangs like the memory
Of your essence when you leave
Even though I know you’ll be back
I always play like it will be
The last time I see you
It makes my passion ride deeper
Faster in the way that
Jumping hurdles gives you
A kind of high
Like you can do anything
Every time we jump another
I feel my blood rise
I even want to bust out cryin’
Just a little at least anyway
To know that we have this
Somebody take my temperature
The doctor says I’m fine
Maybe their’s just no thermometer
For a sickness of this kind

© GÄ


Kills the devil in its soul
Few make it out
Of the home for the insane
Even the sweet smell of jasmine
Can’t coax them out of the waiting room
But you have my love
You arrived

Unlikely to all the doctors
Who said you wouldn’t make it
Whom thought you’d even fake it


When you broom away the debris
The rotted leaves underneath
Still have a bit of red in them
Signs of life like you always had
Have had always

Walking through Venice with
Hallucinations of lost love
It wasn’t always like this
I mean before adulthood set in
Before the stones beneath your
Bare feet felt as cold as they once did
Seethed with a new heat that made you
Dance and also breathe differently

To pacify the acute anxieties
Reading or holding a friendly bird
Companionship comes along
When the garden gates are open
Sitting on the most compassionate
Bench in the grove a smile waiting
To tickle the corners of your mouth
A waxing crescent turned up
Growing wider at the sight
Of true loves wanderings
Down the path of violets
Toward you

My love

The twisted stairways of life that circle up
Aren’t really built for the emotional
Teacup climb that many often fear
Coming back down from
But even the empty drag of a cigarette
Tastes better than walking back down
The spiral steps thirsty
Never having even tasted a drop
Of the tea you went climbing there for

In the first place

The only unbelievable devastation
Is never finding the pathway
Like an atlas on how to be truly capable
Of being grateful for what our ancestors
Discovered before us
The things they tasted for us
That erased them so we wouldn’t make
The same mistakes and throw away
An infallible life chucked
Tossed into the outskirts
Of some back alleyway that
Unloved children end up in
But no

Not you

Venus found the new moon
Outside her Roman goddess window
Second planet from the sun and
Even as the second-brightest
Natural object in the sky
She still casts shadows
A radically different attractiveness
To someone who only wears her
Rollers in her hair in the same way
Every Sunday with the exact same flip

No you

You have a charisma that chooses
To enunciate the strength that is felt
Between two this is also what matters
To you and brings a fragrant flower
Wheel spinning the insights
To remind us that the appearance
Of ourselves in the face of someone
Other than ourselves like a mirror
Rockets a volcanic blastoff


Little inquiries popping up all around
Lovely cut rue herbs pruned into
Hedges that tell the answers
Peeking out of our mental frameworks
Solutions fire-working into
A beautiful bolt of lightening
An aha spark and there
Right there is where I found you
Making a picnic for two in the ashes
Not just for any occasion
But for a delicious buffet of
Unbelievable creation

© GÄ


What’s happening?
Every which way
This way n’ that
I love how you love me
No matter what I do
You see me

Remember the time
When I held you while crying
Remember the time
When I felt like I was dying
Remember the time
When we fell down from laughter
Remember the time
Happily ever after

Your words show
That your heart is a good one
Your smile shows that
There is nothing more precious
Than the sun

We’ve seen every part
Of each other
We know every
In and out

You are my reason
Not to doubt
That pure love is
A truth
A sanctuary
For recalling
Our youth

I love you best friend
That’s what we call one another
A love to no end
Always gushing

The sad side
The mad side
The bad side
And still
Our cachinnation remains
Never too good for the other
Never too much for each other

This is bliss
This is happiness
We are the twin of acceptance
Raging with love

Remember the times
We have to look forward to

© GÄ

Houdini Love

Sensational times
Escape every moment
I feel handcuffed to a lonely
Repertoire but I’m still willing
To perform stunts
A trapeze jump into
Your charms
Balance on the edge of a cliff

Ends of the Earth stuff

Homage to the heart
An allegiance to love
I’ll hand out programs to
Your talented sideshow
A circus I would happily join
Any day ambition
You are an artist of amour
Vaudevillian painter and lover
Restrain myself no more
Claim the beauty of lovemaking
It would be a sad grave
Without you next to me

The way I cherish your magician
Ashore the antics of a score
Tricks and music
A worthwhile orchestra
Medium to my third eye
I’ve knitted you a sweater
In the shape of
Every fulfillment
Also to make you feel better
When you’re down

You are the sound
My heartaches sing for
A Houdini of love
And star crafter
I rise up for moments like you


We cannot ever guarantee
When they’ll show their face again

© GÄ

Eyes of a Child

In the distant memories of love
And lack thereof
I remember so vividly
How it felt to have love
Come and leave

Innocent and beautiful meaning
Painted subtly
In colors of casual truth
Pure loves intent disguised by youth

They remind me of a picture
Unlike any that have
Stood before me
In the eyes of a child
In your eyes like a child

Every night that
I lay down my head
I feel haunted
Beneath what magnifies
How I sleep
In a bed of love
My heart’s conceived

Still I have no desire to erase
Or to replace
What I learned from
Taking that step
I love more and more
And with every broken heart
I grow in depth

And they remind me of a picture

Nothing will be able to chase
My heart away
Or cause it to break
Too many times because
A fire inside
That grows deep and wide
Fills the left side
Fills the right side
With a pure love
Of more than enough
Take what you want
And I will be here
I will be here

To remind you of a picture
Unlike any that have
Stood before you
With the eyes of a child
In your eyes like a child

© GÄ


Diving after
The energetic flow
Follow the rainbow
To the end of its cataclysmic
Beauty and opportunity

My search party
Keeps you first
At the very top of
Every list
Of missing persons
Life is not love
Without you
Though love is
A bounty that
Carries us through

I will not close my heart
I will not lock the cellar
I am a constant sound rapport
Return to me in sanctity
Poetic harmony

Every cell is wide stretched
Every breath a kiss
Floating in the wind
A butterfly net
In each hand
To catch all the
Love lost
Across the land

You can demand of me
More love
For I have buckets
Upon buckets
To expand
Across the Multiverse
Enough for everyone

Even if aliens should stand
In outer reaches
I am a friend to
All of those in need
My love doth bleed
From every pore
My love is rampant
In folklore
Even dragons tell
The tale of lives I’ve spared

There is no barricade
To stop the upside down
Views that will drop into
Perspectives that will trot away
With human logic
In dismay

I am your captain of love
I steer the ship
Acrobatic trapeze flip
Shooting headlong into
Any Armageddon

Believe me love
I’ll carry you
Believe me love
I’ll rescue you
Just as I delivered
Those before
Harbinger and sword
I am the angel of love
Knocking at your door

Blanket you in fragrant dreams
Melt away all anguished teams
Of panic and doubt
You are not a slave
To epidemics
Cross the boundary
Cross the bridge
My home is open
My heart is wedged
In the portal
That is vacuuming all worry

I’ll be a falcon for you
To ride on
Your albatross
I’ll fly you out of this
Lame sloth
I’ll guide you
Out with my lovers torch
Any love lost

I will recover you
I am familiar with
Your ringing
I know you even by
Your echo

© GÄ


I wrote a book
And the words were rich with honey
Did You Want A Reason to Hurt Me
or Did You Simply Find It Funny?

Should I open up my mouth
Let your applesauce inside
Walk upon my tongue
In a burglary of doubt?
You’d steal the words right out

It’s like the times when I fall
I’m convinced that someone planned it
I can’t count how many times
A drink has spilled itself
Damn it! and landed
Purposely on my brand new shirt

I’m sure you thought
That I forgot about
A practice for misleading
All my thoughts and yours combined
To reach the itch
I cannot scratch behind

A feeling I can’t shrug
Post depression and sweet love

Every time
You weren’t invited to the show
You came and knew
You didn’t really want to go

© GÄ

Our Love

I don’t want to let you go
But I’m also not afraid
To make you leave
Like a dog in a cage
I howl out for you
In the dessert
Barking at the moon
Release me
Come and get me
So I can run free
Into my true lovers arms

There’s a chamber
Full of silks and fruits
And the breezy wings
Of a thousand birds
Cooling me
Twisted in the sheets
Waiting for my
Lover to return
To caress my
Every burn

I know you by your eyes
By your touch
Your aroma travels
Through the air
To find me and
Unlock the doors
Of eternal

Euphoric paradise

Lightening strikes beneath
Our feet and the world
Turns upside down
As we make love on
Every ceiling
Every housetop
Every beam

Our love making is the canopy
To a world in pain
Our love rains down
In sheets of ecstasy
Watch the sadness
Dissolve in the smiles that
Curve up to the blue
Underneath me
Underneath you

© GÄ