Night Steps

Kissing water
Onto the citadel
Out splashing
The fish
New glistening
On wet lips
Answers come
In tidal waves
Never quite empty
Always quite full

Will you take a drink
From this waterfall
Are you thirsty
Enough to quench
Is there something less arid
Do the currents abed
Is this our moment
Next to black

If you were sand
My head would dip lovingly
Into your dune

If you were outer space
My heart would hang brightly
Over your moon

If you were ocean
My hands would hold lightly
Buckets of you

If you were a cyclone
My blood would run hotly
With airwaves in tune
Over your radio
Singing la la la la la
Humming da da da da
Wind chimes

Was that a miracle
On the hill?
Will you bring roses
To my dreams?
Possibly wrap your arms
Around my screams?

But really

I don’t actually want to scream
I’m handing you my bones
A sacred skeleton key
I just want to know you
Will you
Come climb the
Satin blue ivy
Walk the night steps
Crawling up the mosslike green
Into a bed
Where you can
Rest here next to me?

© GÄ

Beneath the Night

Given the choice
I miss you like the dream
I never had
Between alone time
And socializing
I miss touching
I miss holding
In between time
I will almost always
Surround myself with
In fact
I miss you and my need
To be around you
Is so strong
It sometimes gets
In the way of
My responsibilities
I prefer to play
Rather than work
I’m not responding
Well to orders
Unless they come from
Trace my borders
I want to bond
With you over our mutual
Stubbornness and lack of
Laziness to love
Each other
Not to mention
Jumping into
Pools of sweet
Aching memories
To hold you again
And again
I love to miss you
I live to kiss you
Meet me
Under the bridge tonight
I’ll miss you much less
Making out in the light
On the left side
Of the creek
Beneath the night

© GÄ