Diving after
The energetic flow
Follow the rainbow
To the end of its cataclysmic
Beauty and opportunity

My search party
Keeps you first
At the very top of
Every list
Of missing persons
Life is not love
Without you
Though love is
A bounty that
Carries us through

I will not close my heart
I will not lock the cellar
I am a constant sound rapport
Return to me in sanctity
Poetic harmony

Every cell is wide stretched
Every breath a kiss
Floating in the wind
A butterfly net
In each hand
To catch all the
Love lost
Across the land

You can demand of me
More love
For I have buckets
Upon buckets
To expand
Across the Multiverse
Enough for everyone

Even if aliens should stand
In outer reaches
I am a friend to
All of those in need
My love doth bleed
From every pore
My love is rampant
In folklore
Even dragons tell
The tale of lives I’ve spared

There is no barricade
To stop the upside down
Views that will drop into
Perspectives that will trot away
With human logic
In dismay

I am your captain of love
I steer the ship
Acrobatic trapeze flip
Shooting headlong into
Any Armageddon

Believe me love
I’ll carry you
Believe me love
I’ll rescue you
Just as I delivered
Those before
Harbinger and sword
I am the angel of love
Knocking at your door

Blanket you in fragrant dreams
Melt away all anguished teams
Of panic and doubt
You are not a slave
To epidemics
Cross the boundary
Cross the bridge
My home is open
My heart is wedged
In the portal
That is vacuuming all worry

I’ll be a falcon for you
To ride on
Your albatross
I’ll fly you out of this
Lame sloth
I’ll guide you
Out with my lovers torch
Any love lost

I will recover you
I am familiar with
Your ringing
I know you even by
Your echo

© GÄ


I wrote a book
And the words were rich with honey
Did You Want A Reason to Hurt Me
or Did You Simply Find It Funny?

Should I open up my mouth
Let your applesauce inside
Walk upon my tongue
In a burglary of doubt?
You’d steal the words right out

It’s like the times when I fall
I’m convinced that someone planned it
I can’t count how many times
A drink has spilled itself
Damn it! and landed
Purposely on my brand new shirt

I’m sure you thought
That I forgot about
A practice for misleading
All my thoughts and yours combined
To reach the itch
I cannot scratch behind

A feeling I can’t shrug
Post depression and sweet love

Every time
You weren’t invited to the show
You came and knew
You didn’t really want to go

© GÄ

Our Love

I don’t want to let you go
But I’m also not afraid
To make you leave
Like a dog in a cage
I howl out for you
In the dessert
Barking at the moon
Release me
Come and get me
So I can run free
Into my true lovers arms

There’s a chamber
Full of silks and fruits
And the breezy wings
Of a thousand birds
Cooling me
Twisted in the sheets
Waiting for my
Lover to return
To caress my
Every burn

I know you by your eyes
By your touch
Your aroma travels
Through the air
To find me and
Unlock the doors
Of eternal

Euphoric paradise

Lightening strikes beneath
Our feet and the world
Turns upside down
As we make love on
Every ceiling
Every housetop
Every beam

Our love making is the canopy
To a world in pain
Our love rains down
In sheets of ecstasy
Watch the sadness
Dissolve in the smiles that
Curve up to the blue
Underneath me
Underneath you

© GÄ

Big Love

Without a shadow
Without a doubt
The only treasure
I want to unbury
Is your glowing chest
So I can rest my head
Upon it
The golden barriers
Our salacious
Are truncated
Off and out
Doorways glittered open
Of which to enter
With you
Our souls engrafted
To each other
Barefoot parallels
Along the beach in
Mystic nudity
I spill my heart
Out on the sand
You are my dope
My natural high
I’d spend
Three lifetimes
Studying your eyes
Your lips are hotter
Than the rays
Of any sun
My only one
Getting to know you
Even the tiniest
White lies
Engage my spies
Every desire
Your hair each strand
A lullaby
I park my heart
Next to your body
Where I can always
Be with you
On every corner
Of your city
At every
Rooftop view
Along the shores
Of your
Big love
Your fire escape
Winds to
The outer skirts
Of everything
I want
You are a village
Of romantic
Skyline hues

© GÄ


Dwindle will the force
If we let it go
The perfect love
Mixed with fantasy
And power
Meteor shower

The mystery of blue
How far it travels
Away my perfect wonder
Daring nothing
Caught up in something
Other than what
Memories house

From moment to moment
Stellar mechanics
From star to star
I catch the scent
Of your trail
Even from afar

These words fall out
Of my mouth
In front
Of you

Newtonian rotations
Around your heart
Passing through my origin
Your horizon
Coordinates with the axis
Of my parts

This must be why
I love you

© GÄ

Want You

I can’t want you
Even though I want to
And It’s not just a warm body
I’m talking about
It’s actually you
But I can’t want you
Even though I want to
Because I’m pretty sure
That you don’t
Want me too

My body wants you
I feel my pulse rise
I feel excitement in my blood
When I’m beside you
If you don’t want me
It makes no sense to
Pretend that something
Could happen anyway with you

I’ll still be near you
Even if it means that
You can’t want me
In the same way
My body’s wanting you
There’s more to share here
Than just the sex where
We can be friends
Though not lovers
Because you still
Mean that much to me
And your beautiful
Dark warm intensity

I can get a handle
On this

To know you
Is more important
Than what my body seems to want
For us to do
And knowing that you
Have so much more to
Offer than just your sensuality
Or even a kiss

Though I might wish to
Sometimes hold you
I think a hug between friends
Is so much better

Than to have nothing at all
And if you want me
Someday we can then
Cross that bridge if
Your body decides that
It might want me too

Good conversations
Life celebrations
So many years of other things
That we can do
Yes you’re sexy
But the truth is
For me to want you to
Be with me when
You can’t want me
The same way that I want you

Is impractical

To walk away from
What we do have
Would be a waste to
Let go of
I’d be giving up
Way too much of you and so
I can accept that
We share everything else
But the sexual way
I’m feeling about you

© GÄ

Love Is Blind

Drinking from your cup
Of aquatic astral love
I find neutrality is
Dripping down the walls

Fluorescent lighting
A possible earthquake
That never takes
A double shot of love
Almost exploding
But not quite
In subtle wakes

The question that my mind
Has trouble still to find
Or to define
Is of which petal
Will fall next

Blindfolded bed

He loves me
He loves me not
He loves me
He loves me not
He loves me
He loves me not

Love is patient
Love is blind

What have we got?

© GÄ

Remorseful Hug

Interrupted by your need
To feel bound
To hold someone
So they won’t get close to me
What is by force this comfort?

Look through the binoculars
It is a similar distance to touch
What you are afraid to drop
Afraid to love even if
He could have loved you

A little pathetic, right?
Or is it just sad to watch
Claim what’s not yours
Block light
Cover the truth
What do we gain
If we really lose?

A hug full of remorse
Only for you
Not for him
Not for me
Because sharing
Friendships is
Incredibly scary
For you

I could give you
A quiet kiss
The one you wouldn’t have to feel
Not a little
But your fear
Would only corrupt this

Love is for everyone
Not just for you
Is my light too bright
Am I troubling you?

Should I create a mist of love
Are you disappointed?
Embrace full of remorse
Only to wake up the same
I’m too old for such a game

The child became the man
I wish you the same thing
At all costs
Let go of your jealous roots
Open the French doors
Before the lie soon
Breaks you

You can’t stop love
And take it away from someone
It won’t do more for you
A hug full of remorse
By a resentful boy

You lock me outside

Stepping in the way
With all your insecurities

But like a child
I am innocent and pure
I just want to love
Why do you hurt me so

No, not even this will stop me

© GÄ

If You Ever

If you ever think something is off with us
Know that I love you

If you ever think I’m upset with you
I love you

If you ever wonder if I’m okay
I love you

If my smile seems to drag a bit
I love you

If you ever wonder if we’re still friends
I love you

You are a light in my life
One that I will never take for granted
Something to always treasure

I love you forever

© GÄ

I Wish You

To say it
This is difficult
My blood is thick with love

Your about as convincing
As a rattlesnake
That has been taught how to purr

I wish you
All the torches
Of the underworld
And beyond
Yet I also wish you love

To see your way through there
Snowflakes in hell

My headless horseman
Thoughtless choices

You’re such a paragon
Of sanctity and

If you need to prove
Your power
Please do it
Somewhere else

And the words you choose
They loose all their

Expensive suit
Authentic boot
Materials don’t matter
It’s what you do

Actions speak louder
Than your words

For instance is a word
That one would use
To describe
An awful tie
That somehow
Ended up in a box
On Christmas Day

But still I say
I wish you peace
I wish you joy
I wish you happiness
And more
And most of all
I wish you legions of pure love
Oceans of hearts upon your shore

I wish you love
Like you have never felt before

© GÄ