My sweetest light
A meeting round the stones
At night by dark waters
Riviera of memories
Wishing for triangles of
Sanctuaries in love
Hanging from the ceilings
Of our mouths
Crawling over the backsides
Of forgotten traumas
Furry tarantula like legs
Tickle the napes of our necks
Left like afterthoughts
Or impulsive tattoos
For which painting
Cosmic catastrophic
Imprints where forbidden happiness
Could only end in a ball of
Frameless power that
Sparks up in me
A playful harmless buck
Spun upwards just enough to
Catch a quick wisp of air
Around your lips
The sweetest pair to kiss
I offer you this bouquet
Of mystic flora
Minus the half eaten magnolias
Devoured by what satisfied snails
Have left only for my hand
A small miracle
Of human interference
If it ends in the unexpected
Splash of your embrace

© GÄ