Objectively searching
Over this life like a flashlight
Is their self inflicted suffering?
We can wipe away the needless worry
Make the choice to say
Find the voice that will convey
I’m not returning to these problems
Overcoming the difficulty to decide
When subconscious immobility
Finds a place to reside
In the hearth of our minds
They aren’t anymore
The darker portions fretted out
In pointless noise
Incessantly charged with issues
That unsettle and wrestle the quakes
Creating heartbreak
Externally scenarios advise us
With instructions to no longer fight for
What the worst case of being
Triumphs at sitting on our shoulders
Our innocence will refrain
To lie down with
Crippling desires and crossed wires
Slipping over the wall of
Immortalized wonderment

© GÄ

To Be There

There’s many hearts that I have loved
Perhaps not quite as much as you
In turn I’ve loved a lot of things
And many people this is true
But none are quite as lovely as
All the lovely things you do
Excited ways you make me feel
Turbulent shocks vibrating through
I’d kiss the bottoms of your feet
Make your bed tuck you to sleep
Brush your hair back from your eyes
Caress your cheeks and kiss your thighs
Listen to all the tales you tell
Make sure your heart is beating well
Create a space for you to be
Never disturb your sanctity
Given to all the things you are
Amongst them willing to go far
There’s never been one quite like you
Of folks among you there are few
If there is anything you need
Rest assured I’ll happily
Be there for you in every way
Just name the time, the place, the day
It may not dawn on you at all
That I could feel this way at all
But say the word no matter where
You have my promise to be there

© GÄ

When Will It Be

Is it the want
To be in social moments
But still impossibly at arms length
That we find ourselves
Looking the other way
Even when our arms are empty
How do we celebrate
When do we spread our wings
If they are pinned
Beyond the glitter
Past the makeup
Underneath the mask
When autumn comes
Will all the bodies
We were used to holding
Fall back into our arms
All at once
Is there a chance we’ll wait
Till Christmas before
Our cheeks and lips are pressed
Our wings no longer rest
When are we free
To hold each other
When will it be

© GÄ

Two Chairs

Two chairs
Stand beside each other
One of them is broken
The other one is covered
But the text won’t disappear
If the real thing
Is the same thing
That brought me here

Melt in the moments face
In this passionate space
Interim us
Nothing could replace

How did I
Fall asleep next to you
Knowing something
Like I never knew

How did I
Wake up here next to you
Watching my everything plunge into
The breath that woke me up today

Tears of wax
Like the candle we burned
On the bedside table last night

© GÄ


Take the thickness
Take the sad
I want to
And it wants you

Minutes after
I’m still heavy
The unreal
To what you feel
What it could be

And oh,
What you carry…

…unmarry yourself
Will you blind

Rest your head
In my lap

Who mussed your feathers?

For the hurricane will subside
It will subside

© GÄ


Smoke filled semi-transparent
Moments peeking through
The weeds
A caterwaul
Will keep the lantern
Out of sight
Portable green eyes
Moving like shadows in the night
Changing size
Multiple tracers
Quickly switching
Into lasers finally rise
In catatonic bells
Ringing out through
Total darkness
Verbal sounds in bleak surprise
Increasing elements that speak of
Sensory stimulation
Our musky smells
Electric shocks
Flashing chirrups and bird calls
Rest your temples
On my breast and yowl away
Convinced of what
Began underneath a simple guise
Circled in a séance
Hovering over Germany
In the late 18th century
Psychedelic purrs
Pulsate and flirt reverberating
Off of every transformer nearby
Can you hear the hiss of
Locusts humming
In my heart

© GÄ

Prey Heart

You rock me
From birthday cake
To turntables

You make it feel
Like I want it
And I do
With you

What are we forging?
What could this be?
Stop asking questions
And just fuck me

Love red before sex
Sex isn’t it
A part of it
The lesser

Words turn me on
I let you be elusive
I am not
I am your prey

If one tiny step is all you can take
Will you take it today?

© GÄ

Occupied Obsession

Lost in thought

Persistent with an idea
Feeling is
Absorbed intensely
Into that which
Already occupied
Our abstract thing and state

Having only intrinsic form
Expressing a quality
With little to no
Pictorial representation
Fixed and unyielding
Despite reason or persuasion
An old fashioned invasion

Entry of an army
Into a country for conquest
To set in and make fast
Only to shape
Our insoluble bodies
Spaces and phrases
To act on what is achieved
Past absent deceived
Curiosity weighs in
Generally a percentage of the amount
Both borrowed and believed

This readiness
To afford distinguished beauty
Is belonged insignia

© GÄ

Once Less

Nothing defines it
What more exquisite
Than the heart letter
Inscribed yet inkless
A mystic calligraphist
Lip prints on paper skin
It makes the universal
Personal within travel
Past the gallows
Of our woes
Up the stairwell
Into the window of a
Writer’s love well from another page
In the crevice of your back
Or another animal
State of being vining
Capturing the complexity
Of a love with more richness
Lust and dimension
Unclouded just enough to make us feel
At once less alone
More whole in our trust
Understanding ourselves
Pressed between us
In a mass of
Penetrating light

© GÄ

Love One Another

A little full on the outside
Of statistics grumbling over
To start I found myself fumbling
Into piles of nothing
But discovered upside down
Numbers that bear light
Streamlined to shine
Their prominence
Proven distrustful
As any human story
Can be when soon reduced
To just a number

Bring out the tools
Grab your box
Swing open wide
The locked french doors
Even a garage
Stocked full of
Every nut and bolt
Has no true story
Left to tell
Without a drill
For there are
Two very definite sides
To every persons tale
In our community
This is us

Love one another
Isn’t just a phrase
We settle on to raise
Awareness for the
Tall boxed city lights
Made up of skylines
What’s the use for
Electric blankets we can’t
Plug in to keep us warm
What’s the point
If all we fight for
Is just for fighting
Left and right

There will be nothing
Left to hold

© GÄ