The morning is the same
As the night
The feeling is
Always too much
Strive for
The only way
I know how to be
This touch

Could we find a place
To grow together
Did I offend
Myself or you
Or both of us
Being who I am
Can do that

Tomorrow is bright
Today is dark
But every day
Is hopeful

And one day so are we
We are growing up
With each other
Like the devils

Forked in two

Feeling a glimmer of hope
In the midst of darkness
Like a possibility rising
Different from the star
That brought us here

The abnormal firing
of electrical impulses
Heart to heart

Affection is
The key
What else can we be
Is this the meaning
In our speech
Please say it

Say it to me

Turn the music up
Turn the lights off
Touch my face
Feel the tears
In my embrace

Left to the living we
Cry the most
Love the deepest

Left with everything
Hungering for

© GÄ


Do we gallop
Through the hearts
Of our loved ones
Do we bend down
To accept the crown
Their hope for us

In crimson sheets
We share the space
Of eternal birth
And transformed
Reborn again and

Mistakes that make us
Older repeating
The same if
We need to learn it over

Dual harps that
The measurement
Of what can lend
A heart to mend

If we do so
Does it mean
We need to
Learn it all

Repeat what we
Do not understand
To take the hand
Of those who
Truly love us in
Multiple ways once

There is no end
Even beyond
What we will
Be to one another
As lovers and
As friends

Loving caring
Being resilient
Over and over

© GÄ



Breaking through the blocks
Removing the unknown
Where the subconscious
Makes a home
Building a new nest
To rest the authentic self
In what we do not
Tell ourselves
In waking life

I had a dream
The universe and TNT
There is more to explode through
More that I am not seeing
More barriers to unfold
More illusions to unwind
Blast out like dynamite will do
The truest self arriving to
Make profound
Impacts on life
Without a wife
Just me

What will I be?
A partner to the stars
What can I do?
Be open to the truth
What will I say?
No kids to speak of

These four words are left
Be true to self

The journey of a soul
The world is my love
The universe my home
If I find that special one
I will be happy to succumb
To share my heart
At the altar
Of the sun

© GÄ

Come to Me

Making love to you
Is like
Finding each other
When we are
Going beyond
What is

My love for you
Your love for me
Your mouth
Against my skin
My head
Between your hands
To be in your

I will not mask my
Affection for you
Undressed in our

Naked in the mirror
Of ourselves

Wrapped around you
Two bodies
One soul

Our story is told of old
Ancients chant
A Vedic dance
Singing in a voice
Ringing bell

We touch love
Love receives our taste
Caress the face
Of the unspoken

Lips are only speaking
To kiss
Or to say how much
I’ll miss you

If you leave my love
Don’t leave my love
Come to me my love
Come to me

© GÄ

What Is What

I put the pieces together
Wrong sometimes
Deceived by my own love
Confused by my own senses
As free as I want to be
But too free for some
At least it seems
But not for all
The right
Fireworks happen
A spark a snap and
The moment carries
To spend time with
Those who want to have fun
To let go on many levels
Of course we’ll come back
To where we were
What’s so scary?
Why is it when we lose control
That fear finds a way in
Shouldn’t we be
Wandering through our thoughts
To find ourselves and one another
What’s wrong with dancing
What’s wrong with fear
What’s wrong with being
Called out for who we
Who are you
Have you asked yourself?
Are you near
Do you ask yourself
Like this?
Is this
Questionable behavior
I mean what am I asking?
Am I asking too much
Why am I asking?
Why does it feel like
I’m asking too much
We’re all wounded
Deep down
Let the lips loose
Let the tongue waggle
Let the soul out
Let the eyes dazzle
What is what
Where are we
What is here
When we choose
To be here now
Where are we
Where are
You now

© GÄ

Hanging On

You’re hanging onto things
That don’t matter to me
I’m hanging onto things
That don’t matter to you
We’re hanging onto things
That don’t matter to us
And neither one of us
Can see the truth

Every little piece
Creating problems for you
Every little piece
Creating problems for me
Even if I tell you what
My heart wants to see
It still creates a problem
For you and me

The letter kills
But the spirit gives life
The letter kills
But the spirit gives life
The letter kills
But the spirit gives life
Clinging to darkness
Desperate for light

Is it the love for my dead brother
That’s always getting in your way
Is it because of the things
You never want to hear me say
I never asked you to come here
But you’re choosing to stay
Please tell me there’s something better
Than always fighting this way

© GÄ


I should give you up
But I don’t want to
Can you blame me?

It would be cheaper if I do
Let go of something I don’t need
Will you forgive me?

I wake up and you’re there
Before bed I’m aware of you
Would you miss me?

I wonder if you’ll realize
That I’m gone

I see you in every color
It’s almost been a year
Since we took off

I know I’ll miss you
A slave to your delight
Morning noon and night
Is it all right
If I replace you?

We have been through this all before
But not in the same way
This is different now
So wait…

I guess it’s not the same

Creating space here
Doesn’t mean that we should end

But what we could find out
Is you are better off without


Here comes a break for you and I
I won’t be angry if you cry
Please don’t be mad
We are connected
Even with space

Between us
You will see

Now is the time to pass the torch
To someone you will find
More worthy

Someone who can appreciate
The recreation you provide
Deep down inside
Decisions made
With a new breath

And you will rest
In hands of others
Playful means

© GÄ