Heart of Gold

Gold in my mouth
Heart of red
On my tongue
A grizzly love
Voracious truth
I could dig a hole
To China just
To find you

All the veils
Of my ignorant inner life
Burned in the light of
My awakening
To you

All mistakes they
Melt away in the fire
Of our kiln

Why does the sun
Look like the moon
In your eyes
Why does your kiss
Fear the plank
Of a thousand
Sweet goodbyes

You have a heart of gold
Pre Latin code
Debut to the first mark
Of a sanctuary mold
Requited kindness
In a spark

Richly shining

A love pond
Ruminating basin to
An offering of joy
Your illuminated selfless
Wonders conjugate
Forms of pain into a
Heedless soft relief
With no suspicion
For contention
Nor deceit

Lying prostrate reverently
I bow to kiss your golden
Heart and at your feet
I see your beauty

© GÄ


Through the avenues of your heart
Back alley ways of love
I look around to see
If anyone’s coming

Is that you?

I can hear my voice echo when
I call out your name
Down the boulevard
Maybe you’re asleep
Somewhere in between
The street lamps

Walking over the bridge
Of your nose
In the hope to leave a trace
Some small particle of me
So that you know

I’m looking for you
So you can follow my scent
A footprint
To find your way
Into the comfortable safe
Space that I’ve made for you

In the home of my heart
There’s a place where you can lay
Curl up into the light
And the warmth behind my eyes
That only shines the way
It does when it’s looking back
At you

I hold a flame in my hand
Down a cobble stone path
Made of rock and clay
A thousand years old
Emotionally paved with
Tears of joy
Days and days
So many thoughts and dreams
We’ve painted

I’ll punch the devil
If he gets in our way

© GÄ

Heart to Heart

Love is thick
Saturated in
Everything we do
Everything we are

Through the pain
Through the joy
Love rises up

Like a fountain of light
Through the darkness
Through the accordion
Of resilient breath

The beauty of our
Soul desires to connect
Heart to heart
With each other
In intimate ways

This is what forever
Looks like with you
Casual finger strokes
Through your hair

A place to rest
No arms to bare

Tracing the lines inside your hands
Feeling your breath against my skin

My lips against your cheek
Our faces pressed together
Hours seem like minutes
Weightless greatness

You don’t care that I’m too deep
I’m turned on by the way you think
Your speaking voice is
A melody to me
It beckons me
To sink

Down into the ground
Below us

Silver outlining
On clouds of carpet
Rolling around
Arciformed through
Shadows cast by fire
In front of the hearth
The golden secrets
That we discern

Our love is like
A sunrise in Tibet
My favorite memory
With my love
Though I haven’t
Met you yet

© GÄ