Not to Endure

I have a memory of when
To begin was to begin
Not to endure
Not to pull through
Just to begin
As when we fall
Back up again
Footsteps in time
Will surely find
What to begin again
Feels like
A faithful friend
When we are faced with
What feels right
A new beginning
Is renewed
With memories
That in the end
Will rise
Before the
Dawn of time
Begins again

© GÄ


I took a lot
I’m not as ready
As I thought
That I would be
Sure and steady
Recall the spot
Where passion’s
Murmur wrestled me

I can’t keep
Can’t stay quiet
Is there a way
Could design it
Build a bridge
Myself an overpass?

Empty my mind
And then come back
When will the engine
Be on track?

This catwalk
Is the happiest
I have been

Sticks and stones
Ringing phones
Buzzing zones

I’m not ready
To let it go
I’m not ready
To return

A viaduct
For compromise
Break ground

Meet me again
Behind the outskirts
On the tightrope
Past the fence
Of acumen
Meet me again
Where motivation
Makes amends

© GÄ