The Next Day

Can tomorrow
Taste like yesterday
So sweet
Hard to believe it’s
Even possible to be
So connected
Conversation coagulation
Slowly flows between
Beautiful beautiful listening
Feel the drag
When we walk in
Different directions
Away from one another
The cord is strong
The tangle tempting
I’ll braid our feelings
Into the ground
Tendrils of emotion
Woven with dried straw
Left over from the sun
Attached to the earth
This moment
Our breath
My touch
Your release

© GÄ

Love Noise

I’m no self appointed
Angel of death
But I am dangerous
To you
My love is questionably
Eternities of dreamlike love
Stand before you
Graciously transported
Residing in a tone of voice
That resonates your walls
Drenched in the theater
Of your mind
Untrammeled with
Shimmering tendencies
Revealing my deepest sincerities
Encouraging supreme surrenders
A ship in your hearts sea
An embarkation of wishes
Largely breaking the medium
Sights of small things
Shattering all the
Trinkets of the almost utmost
Sentiments subjective to
The unknown
Beckon you
Beyond reality
Each talking bubble
Every love thought
Crystallized in
Cosmic graphics
Even the stars have followed
A launchway for
Sandwiches and blankets
In the grass
Tumbling around
Your foot is slipping
Into my unfailing love
An unerring noise
That rattles the core

© GÄ

Your Finger

I have an aching
That you fulfill
It’s a complicated case
Of finding love in a
Fun house mirror
Impervious appeal
A solid space
Scaffolding we build
Chuck the
Rickety steps aside
Foundations of
Tiers unlike tears
With a lovely
Darkness inviting
Balance on a beam of
Feedback sliding
Can I call you
My love huntsman
As I watch the
Eclipse of your eyes
Thou artful smiles
Thy spherical disguise
In a
Punch pink
Bubblegum rouge
I part the fringe
Of your youth
And all our innocence
Lands on top of
Here where I have learned
Of certain things
Especially that I
Am an expert on
What is good
And nostalgia is
Our food

What if instead of just reading
You actually wrote
On my skin
Like a tattoo
With your finger
Or your heart
Or just a pen

© GÄ

Lemon Tree

I refuse to believe
That your night song
Is not with me

Multifaceted nature
Endlessly ever promising
To strike our
Unconditional wish match
Into a yellow flame made with
Salty flint
Eternal fool
For love

Whatever is this
Lust for lucky

Blanket of stars
Above the furies
Beat the heart
With savory sparks
Lego construction
Piece by piece
Each one rather

Build me up
We contrive what we
Decide to collect lemons
For from each our trees
What will we make of these
In our grove

A delicious tonic

© GÄ

I Like You

My truth shies
In the presence of
Your reality
In search of
Courageous lips
Two separate occasions
Colliding into one
Psychology driven

We are a perennial dance
Between the blades of grass

I like you
But not because
I’m alone at night
Not because
Being with you feels alright
I like who you are
Your qualities
Are warm

Eloquently precise

When you came to me
Before I really knew you
I liked you
But then I grew
To like you more

I keep my eyes
Casting away
So much to blush about
I say
Although it shifts
As things can be
Forever shaken
Depending on the route
We end up taking

I learn more about you
You share your truth
I suppress the lust
Even as you blink

The women of the park
Swoon all around you
I’m not sure if you care
Their intervals are woven
Like the texture in your hair
Maybe rocking
In a chair
Will calm the tide
But I’m still there

I’ll role you up
Like a burrito in a rug
An unannounced hug
Torment your face
With kisses
Leave you breathless
Laughing listless

My intuition says
There’s not much hope
In letting go of my affections
Even as I might tiptoe
Through weeping trees
My best defense
Is to make sure
That I do not
Offend the crows

© GÄ

Curled Up

Handiwork created
Drinking from your cup
Looking high
Peering up
Through your waves
Into your eyes
Curled up
In the crevice of you
It’s good to be
Reminded every morning
Of the warm skies
We walk along in our melody
Of breath

Sprinting across the glint
Of an early sun
A sudden view of you
The sparkle in your eyes
Goodbye is turning over
To kiss your neck
Just one more hour
In our bed

© GÄ


Get over it
The lazy crush that hangs on
Where we float past each other
Feelings don’t just melt away
My eyes mesmerized
With you
Framed in a distinct border
You say my eyes are blue

Our precious time
Watch the clock
Along the exact same line
Countless theme
Of every eyelash
Every mole
Every freckle you behold

We are a pair of stone
Elephants attempting
To make the sound
Glancing around
Whatever we dream
Tickles the unseen
Bloom behind
Confused attention spans
Landing in a puddle
Of emotions
That wait to be redeemed

Claimed by lips that
Mutter or emit
What we can tell
Only of our secrets together
Smudge off the impossible
And our bodies are the temples
Imperishable in a birthless surrender
A house of cards
Glued together
With possibility

Feelings don’t just melt away
And they don’t always meet
Each other the same way

© GÄ

You & Me

We rise and smile
Flowers on our heads
Statues of great richness
For lust and psalm desires
Sand into marble
The pulse that flows
Beneath our current
Stairways of water fall
Into our rapid encounter

Don’t lose your
Focus for intensity
I tell myself
But there it is
Fountains of thinking
The waiting piece again
Unlike there’s something lost
Or displaced deep within
Not what’s missing
But what’s coming
I can sense it
With every breath
That I breathe in

© GÄ

Wheat Song

A witness that reflects
What has been
Passage to and from every cell
Arriving and existing
Counting the extraordinary
Hairs on your head

Five sparrows sold
For the encumbrance
Of your love is still not enough
Resounding in the sound
Of a refuge ever present
I tell myself
Drive right through it
That hollow darkness
Whisper in this mouth
Shaking wearily as we
Shadow box the backroads
In a triumph forever
Cultivating laughter
The yellow canary sings
To meet us graciously
At the roots
Of every tree
Reaching quietly
Into the absence
Of our bodies
As they once were
In the golden rustling fields
Sung sweet with wheat

© GÄ


I have touched
On the very matter of shining rocks
Tiny clocks that tell
The time that will rewind
Melting back to the perfect chime
When your hands crowned
That hidden humble part of me
Struck one and three
Set in upon me
A gathering of echos
Untold perceptions
Singing southward
Ringing black holes
Antennae’s love
Upwards and down
Walking on pendulums
Swinging back and forth in
Sounds of tremendous peace
Splinters of wood
Built in the shape of a
Space travelling bridge
Bowing out firing like cannons
Beyond the clouds
Two planets glowing
In the sky
Returning you to me
Even the wind
Wants to admit it
Though the letters
That we wrote were all
Incinerated deep within
The ashes of our mattress
Around our ozone’s
How could our auras
Ever forget

© GÄ