Foolish Nightmare

Foolish nightmare
Outspread from childhood
Unsung tongue
Shadows reigned
Closely sustained
Singing undone to the trees
Asking to fly above
To meet the needs
The bread that feeds
All birds
Attempt to truly live
Come into the light
Why lie
When it enforces the spire
Reason with the
Vigorous temper
Though irresistible
Gloriously blameless
Waltzing through the black lights
Down the lane
Of clinking chains
Traveling in glittered bright
Nocturnal night
The greatest government
Averts the libel heart
Trading the brain
For chest
And heart for head
Foolish nightmare
You have not won me

© GÄ

Yin and Yang

Property lines
Zones within where
We reside
Oh gosh
Around the means
Of what control
On which side
We give unimaginable
Birth to our future
With every step
We take
What do we take
What do we give?
Are we troubadours
For love
Gypsies in the making
Back and forth
Returning to the same
Place that we started
Wherever we began
No one here
Is giving up
On the idea of
Living forever
Even if the ploughing
Drags us around
Like feelings
Without aim
Or a disappearing cause
I wish not to draw the line
But to open the circle
One for us to stand in
Link by link
Word for word
With no question
Where your side ends
And mine begins
Becoming a kind
Of line untethered
Like the one
That climbs and twists
In between our
Yin and yang

© GÄ


Of course you are
The exception
I hope you know
Otherwise the twitterpated
Summer has subsided
The obsession is
Not riding
On top of my heart
Cracking the whip
Reigns hooked
At my hips
You may be the pearl
Hidden in the middle
Of an Atlantic of people
But your breath
May also be
For someone else
A prelude suspended
In the back of a
Pickup truck
Hands held or not
Three dimensional love
In friendship and
Unknown territories
Of what we could have
Though we never have had
Remembering the
Mountainside we
Have yet to stride
The plants beneath
Our soles
Filling up the blur
Without a strangeness
For mistakes made
In love
No I’m not exactly ready
But the exception
Can always be you
Given to you
Avenging the fall
No panes
Between us
I wouldn’t miss this chance
Our living
In the moment
It’s important
That you note this
If you asked me
I would show up
For you

© GÄ

Come What May

In the same era
Cusped in some greater spine
Appointed to the reckoning
Of visionary wealth
Abundant showers
Animal instincts
Above despair
Beautifully transparent
The echos of medieval
Beasts are delivered
From the cave
It’s okay to give
Without receiving
In fact to be there
For someone else
Does not concede
That you are there for yourself
Look ahead to the sky
Past the personal defied
Emotions that want to hold
You back and away
Look past the clouds
Past the walls and
Dismal grey to say
The best thing
That will bring you
To the end
Where love is conquered
The destruction of friendship
Is vanquished
Leave no vacancy
For deep darkness
To destroy
Or take away
The better day
That shines upon
This moment
Or what our connection
Can truly mean
To one another
Come what may

© GÄ


The darkest charisma
Is a love for clouds
And pipe dreams
That scream I want you
In the softest whisper
At your ear

For them the song
Is framed in stars
Around your face
Invaded not
Uncaged and translated
By some language
Within the sea

The letters we rely on
To describe our true feelings
Fall flat especially
When feelings don’t
Have letters

Whatever the words
Know that you are heard
In the deepest caverns
Some still untouched
In this ambitious heart
Awaiting your indelible

© GÄ


I will not disappear
I will not fall to fears
Watch the dust settle
On my eyelids
A paragraph of lust
And a glass of magic
Taketh no prisoners
On the path of love
Love them all
Adore the outskirts
Drink the scented manuscripts
Written in our miracle
A masterpiece worth
Pondering and kneeling
Down to simultaneously
Fuse me into your will
My passion is
On ground level

We can stand under
A dark cloud waiting
For whatever
Feeling the flood
Rendering the because
Driving to the opera
On the shoulders of
Sweet kisses
Not because we’re obligated
Not because we have nothing
Left to do

Not because we can
But because we want to

I watched you proclaim
Your romantic holiday
After we climbed the fire escape
Later standing at the edge
Of eleven stories
We wrote the twelfth one
On our way down

Did we leave the blanket
On the roof
Is this our proof
That we have no
Lack of love
In the eyes of
All the strangers
We never knew

Some cosmic carving
On the bark of our hearts

© GÄ


Exploring the metaphor
Elegant and surreal
Possibly inspired
By the great heat
That rises from within
An alpinism or chemistry
Of climbing to the top
Of every emotion
Every bubble
Before it pops
Is the summit of our lust
A gift or a curse
When I am blind
When I can no longer see
When the blindfold
Cannot keep me
From the answers that
I feel
I feel
I feel
What do you see?
Traces imperceptibly
Dabs of ink
Scribbles on notebook covers
A crush a lush for romance
A mountaineer that tiptoes
A puppeteer of music
On heart strings
It’s chemistry
An experiment
Scientific physically
Body and landscape
Eager for the wind
Or just your breath
Against my skin
It feels the same
I feel
I feel
I feel
I will not turn from it
Even when I’m old
There’s no switchblade
That could hold me back
I remember the snake
In the tale about the apple
Desiring fruit
Can be so risky
Just like chemistry

© GÄ

Not My Hand

One drop two drop three drop

How many drips till we settle the

You could make your home with


Just as the heavens cohabitate
With the clouds
Just as clouds coexist with the stars
Just as stars commingle
With the moon
Just as one bed is
Big enough for two
I am with you
But also
You don’t have to

Independently we can share
These things
Visit upon them
There is no command
To therefore be
The authority on co-anything

Even if it’s not my hand
You’re holding

© GÄ


You give me so much writing
But you are oblivious
We share the trees
We share the shapes
We share the shadows
But you are oblivious
You are kind
But you are hiding

Change of view
Fearless scenery
Mastermind the shade
Clever opportunities
Grow around me to abade
Are my sweetest habits
A name that tells me
Not very much?
A behavior that
Speaks of a lot
Talk talk talk
Avoidance is the walk

Endless late fluttering
Beneath the whispers of birds
I heard the absence of
A romanticized mindset
Neither before or after
You arrived

Guarding the deposit
Trusted in me
Sharing too much of everything
Keeping the pattern of love
It oozes and drips outwardly
As does sap from a tree

Marked by the bee
Spider crawling up my arm
The bamboo rustles to
The beat of the blank canvas
I will soon begin painting
A masterpiece
With a brush
That I’ve constructed
Out of my own hair

© GÄ

Secret Flowers

A garden is
Our own idea of heaven
Especially beheld in the
Minutes or the whole thing
Kneeling before you
I hear
This voice
Feeling the phenomenon
Of you
Becoming unseen
Blanking out
Like an
Invisible man
Sneaking secret flowers
From behind but their fragrance
Is an aromatic exposure

Imaging your body
Positioned perfectly
In the shape of a constellation
Ringing the bell
To a passage
Connecting the stars
Like dots

I grabbed a torch
Attaining a bright burning
Running between
What wings of passion
Aspire to
Twisting past the furnace
Of your smile
Immortal eyes
And symmetry
Entirely free
Inheriting the future

Thematic hearts paralleled
And paralyzed
When the curtains open up
Even in
Blindness blinkering
Evocative heartbeats
No longer foreigners
Warming the darkness
Shouting our likeness
Off the edge of a cliff

Too busy to die
The grass is like jazz
In the papyrus of our dance
What a beautiful reed
Playing our song
Drenched in everything
On a blanket
Our legs swinging
Off the edge of the earth

© GÄ