Before the Alarms

Strategically you could in a way
Create a space to be with you
There is nothing more desirable
To me than a lack of

Me there with you simply

To see what your heart sees
During the day
To wait for you impatiently
Hold me
I am more than one way

You are absolutely right
Every moment for me
Takes a drink from your glass
And if not love at first sight
At last

What you say I need
Is all I want
So far in distance but so close
In the way that you’re discreet


Uncertainty can be strong
But loving me is even stronger
And this reflection of your love
Would be enough to create
A gem that has not yet existed
In the world between us

A most coveted ring

Imagine me around you
When you close your eyes at night
Know that dreams have a means to
Build a bridge before the alarms
Wake us up in the morning
Just as the dawn would find me
In your arms

© GÄ


I don’t want to forget
What reminds me
Of hopeless endings
There would be no
Reason to want something more
Something worth defending

I’ll never give up on
The hope that it could be
But I can’t stop
Searching out every possibility
To convince me
Of our truth
You need faith
And in time
I believe it would prove
What it’s looking to see

I must be willing
To risk the chance of losing you
In order to feel
The hope that I could love you
I would love you
And the fact that I could
Is more powerful
Than actually proving that I would

If you only knew
What I wish I could do

© GÄ

Kiss Your Neck

How much how many times
What is the balance
To find work and love
Someone to go home to
Someone to celebrate
Someone touch my lips
Working hard is what for
If there is no one to share it with
Affection calls
I feel it strongly today
Underneath the mystery
Turn me upside down
Find a way for you
To find me too
If I knew where or
How to ask you
Just to stay with you
Hold you
I want to
Kiss your neck

© GÄ

Bitter Bite

Little words
Neutral love
It puts to sleep
What round and rivet
That tic-toc
Like clock
Time of misgiving

Do not let
Your bitter belly
Crawl through
Acid incisors that might
Eat you like a child
Who cries to feel
The umbilical cord

© GÄ

Goodbye Is Hello

Farewells can be so odd
Awkward almost
Unlike burying
These treasures in your heart
Before you go
Can I hand you a torch
To guide you
Tell you a story
To bide you on
Your journey
A ripened pear
Soft on your lips
Warmed once riding in your bag
Wound round your hips
Traveled nourishingly
With you
On your boat
Or saddled to your horse
However you choose to roam
Voyage off or gallop out
There will always be a mattress waiting
A see through curtain draped about
Loosely round the bedposts
I’ll gift the finest kiss goodbye to you
But I am best at my hellos

© GÄ


Objectively searching
Over this life like a flashlight
Is their self inflicted suffering?
We can wipe away the needless worry
Make the choice to say
Find the voice that will convey
I’m not returning to these problems
Overcoming the difficulty to decide
When subconscious immobility
Finds a place to reside
In the hearth of our minds
They aren’t anymore
The darker portions fretted out
In pointless noise
Incessantly charged with issues
That unsettle and wrestle the quakes
Creating heartbreak
Externally scenarios advise us
With instructions to no longer fight for
What the worst case of being
Triumphs at sitting on our shoulders
Our innocence will refrain
To lie down with
Crippling desires and crossed wires
Slipping over the wall of
Immortalized wonderment

© GÄ

To Be There

There’s many hearts that I have loved
Perhaps not quite as much as you
In turn I’ve loved a lot of things
And many people this is true
But none are quite as lovely as
All the lovely things you do
Excited ways you make me feel
Turbulent shocks vibrating through
I’d kiss the bottoms of your feet
Make your bed tuck you to sleep
Brush your hair back from your eyes
Caress your cheeks and kiss your thighs
Listen to all the tales you tell
Make sure your heart is beating well
Create a space for you to be
Never disturb your sanctity
Given to all the things you are
Amongst them willing to go far
There’s never been one quite like you
Of folks among you there are few
If there is anything you need
Rest assured I’ll happily
Be there for you in every way
Just name the time, the place, the day
It may not dawn on you at all
That I could feel this way at all
But say the word no matter where
You have my promise to be there

© GÄ

When Will It Be

Is it the want
To be in social moments
But still impossibly at arms length
That we find ourselves
Looking the other way
Even when our arms are empty
How do we celebrate
When do we spread our wings
If they are pinned
Beyond the glitter
Past the makeup
Underneath the mask
When autumn comes
Will all the bodies
We were used to holding
Fall back into our arms
All at once
Is there a chance we’ll wait
Till Christmas before
Our cheeks and lips are pressed
Our wings no longer rest
When are we free
To hold each other
When will it be

© GÄ

Two Chairs

Two chairs
Stand beside each other
One of them is broken
The other one is covered
But the text won’t disappear
If the real thing
Is the same thing
That brought me here

Melt in the moments face
In this passionate space
Interim us
Nothing could replace

How did I
Fall asleep next to you
Knowing something
Like I never knew

How did I
Wake up here next to you
Watching my everything plunge into
The breath that woke me up today

Tears of wax
Like the candle we burned
On the bedside table last night

© GÄ


Smoke filled semi-transparent
Moments peeking through
The weeds
A caterwaul
Will keep the lantern
Out of sight
Portable green eyes
Moving like shadows in the night
Changing size
Multiple tracers
Quickly switching
Into lasers finally rise
In catatonic bells
Ringing out through
Total darkness
Verbal sounds in bleak surprise
Increasing elements that speak of
Sensory stimulation
Our musky smells
Electric shocks
Flashing chirrups and bird calls
Rest your temples
On my breast and yowl away
Convinced of what
Began underneath a simple guise
Circled in a séance
Hovering over Germany
In the late 18th century
Psychedelic purrs
Pulsate and flirt reverberating
Off of every transformer nearby
Can you hear the hiss of
Locusts humming
In my heart

© GÄ