My sweetest light
A meeting round the stones
At night by dark waters
Riviera of memories
Wishing for triangles of
Sanctuaries in love
Hanging from the ceilings
Of our mouths
Crawling over the backsides
Of forgotten traumas
Furry tarantula like legs
Tickle the napes of our necks
Left like afterthoughts
Or impulsive tattoos
For which painting
Cosmic catastrophic
Imprints where forbidden happiness
Could only end in a ball of
Frameless power that
Sparks up in me
A playful harmless buck
Spun upwards just enough to
Catch a quick wisp of air
Around your lips
The sweetest pair to kiss
I offer you this bouquet
Of mystic flora
Minus the half eaten magnolias
Devoured by what satisfied snails
Have left only for my hand
A small miracle
Of human interference
If it ends in the unexpected
Splash of your embrace

© GÄ

Good Deeds

To love you
Is to love you brilliantly
To hold you
To make love to you
Never discard you
Is to fill your cup
I will not report you
To the authorities
For your criminal kisses
Step into the light
So that I may expose
Your good deeds

© GÄ

Love Contusions

Sweet disdain
Bitter broken heart
Rotting love
The harrowing blisters
Of a brilliant butchery
Leads to eerie concertos
With gruesome conclusions!

O, sweet disdain
No blame no hate
No anger can create
A fusion for love
A potion for what
Broken-hearted throats
Are thirsty for
Are dry from it all

O, bitter broken heart
You know what it’s like
To feel forgotten about
That’s what this feels like
I don’t believe that it’s better
To say it out loud
But I’m working through
Living under a shroud

O, rotting love
Serious heavinesses
Now with gripped work
I understand that to feel hurt
Is to be forgotten about
Underneath all of that
What I have done
To provide this beautiful space
Consider feelings in every step
Of this shattered place

O, the harrowing blisters
Of a brilliant butchery
Leads to eerie concertos
With gruesome conclusions!

© GÄ

Abandon Me

Leave me here
Irreplaceably so
Dig the whole before
You wear yourself out

Take a nap
Hours before you grasp
Hold of the emptiness
Your smile will
Leave behind

Our destiny is black
So we are lost in the drop
Outlined by stars
It doesn’t matter who
Heard us before

It’s just the sound of
Zip codes drifting apart
You will land exactly
Where you choose to fall

I can make out with the
Memory of our passion
But I am not flexible
Enough to stay
Abandon me

© GÄ

And On

Erotic wanderings
In the heart beats vicinity
Or the soil of your charm
Steps up and down
Is it the left or the right
That is more important
Which side to decide
To define how much
Which way to turn
How much to show
How much to hide
All the games I have wanted
To play with you
All the wishes I have hoped
Would be granted
Can we have one
Without the other
I can barely sit up
Paralyzed in the shadow
Of your future memories
What potion should I drink
Or which melon should I eat
If it were for your forgetting
None could be so strong
If it would be a toast to
Your remembering
The brightest embers
Would burn on and on
And on…

© GÄ

Not You

I can have sex with him
I can make love to her
But they are not you!
I can kiss his lips
I can taste her sweetness
But they are not you!

© GÄ

Just A Dream

Maybe I’m not depressed
Maybe I’m a mess
And maybe all of this
Is just a dream
Because for all my life
I still have yet to find
A reason to give up
On what I try
For what I die
For every sign
Maybe I’m just less
Of what I thought
Was truly best
Better than the mess
No just the same
And in the wake of
Binding pain
In the coming days
My inner flame is
Still sustained
Maybe I’m not depressed
Maybe I am a mess
And maybe all of this
Is just a dream

© GÄ

Keeper of All Broken Hearts

You are the keeper of all broken hearts
No one is safe from the start
You hang them to dry
While your lips tell a lie
Collecting and tearing apart

How many more will you burn through
Stealing their trust like you do
You hurt those you love
And when push comes to shove
No one else matters but you

© GÄ

Waiting to Happen

Dimming Me
I’m sorry
We lost our friendship
Slimming me
What a trick
Where did it go
A Pyrrhic victory
An empty chalice
A broken medal
Nobody wins
The last word
Is nothing
We were equally invested
And now we’re equally
I’m sorry
For what was destined
We were worth more
It was only a matter of time
Before I would be
Just another accident
Waiting to happen

© GÄ