Cutting away at what’s left
The ridiculous happy before
The aftermath of your absolute

Pulled out the measuring cup
To see how much love was left
I couldn’t fill it up like I did before
I couldn’t find the same amount
That poured out once before

I searched to see if there was
Even a hello a small opener
You know the way a friend says
I miss you and I’m sorry that
I hurt you too buddy
You know

It felt better when I realized that
You weren’t there at all that I
Didn’t have to say goodbye
I just saw you floating in the sea
A distant anchor to my ship
You know the one you sailed
With me

Intimacy of the mind can be more
Difficult and transparent than

Because the exfoliating feels so good
I coast along here a more distilled
Version of myself remembering
Your beauty and knowing
I can say nothing

You understand
Even if the chains that hold
My ship in place are covered
In cobwebs the ghost that floats
Above the memory of us
Screams in silence

Our friendship
Is just a vacant boat
That we can reconsider
When the sun returns to melt
Your icy heart

© GÄ

Dinner With a Ghost

When all you want
Is to be held
When all you want
Is for someone to feel your pain
I can do that
I know what it’s like
To want to be held
I know what it’s like
To want someone to understand that pain
To say I’m sorry
In the deepest sorted quarry of
Ripped off emotion
An ocean
Of true love
A selfless offering yet
With my own need to be loved

Jump in head first
Feet first it doesn’t matter
To absorb and be absorbed
I somehow thought I was different
Now I know that I’m the same

Glossing over me
Taking off the show
To hold a frame of mind
In place while
So many fantasies are falling apart
So many pieces from
A broken heart

Can’t fix the hurt
Can’t fix the hurt
It wouldn’t work

Chasing the hope of
Having you close
Is just like having
Dinner with a ghost

© GÄ

Broken Limb

Do not make me
Defend myself in my own house
Hanging from a thorn
Upside down
Wishing I was shooting
Like the stars that you
Stole from my eyes
Jumping over the
Red path of rosy blood
Spiraling down into a verbal bath
To taste your lack of concern
This just gave my heart
The choice to beat
How can I be better he asked
That’s nobody’s fault
Said the raccoon
She just has an awful personality
Now I know I said to myself
How everyone else you’ve deserted feels
Like a broken limb

© GÄ

Still Alive

Death of a friendship
It’s a strange thing
Feeling like you’re there
Feeling like you’re nowhere
Sensing what we had
Distasteful nothingness
Delivered on an empty platter
Of whatever is nothing
A forked tongue of fruit
That used to be something
Now just pacifies everything
Take it slow sounds more like
End of the road for me
That’s okay
At least we can be certain
Of one thing

Mourning our deaths
Even though we’re both still alive

© GÄ

Repeat Offense

I get most things that I want
She said
That is true
Except for one thing
And that’s you
I recalled

That’s all
I want to be
I recalled
That’s all
Just that
Like a dog
Full of and
Giving love

Lapping at the
Cheeks of adoration

Is this sweat or tears
Chopped up logs of fear
Or are you the fireplace in me?
I rub my fingers together
Rough like crocodiles
Two matches
And a pile of ashes

Is the attraction just an image
Or a person
Same people
Same outcome
Looking for a different one

I began to love the sound
Of her leaving
But of course
I missed her too
The way a person
Misses the apples
In their absence
From the orchard
In the winter
Although they’ll be
Invited back

Unlike her

Some things are hard
Some things are soft

And apples bruise

Not Me

She wants me
I want him
He wants her
She wants me
I want him
He wants her
No relief from
The burning desires
If I was her
He would want me
If she was him
I would want her
How can I be
What he wants
If I am not her
And she is
Not me

I Have a Disease

I have a talking disease
I can’t seem to stop my lips
From speaking these things
I have a talking disease
It puts my trembling heart
At ease
At ease

I have a sharing disease
I can’t seem to stop my arms
From hugging everything
I have a sharing disease
It satisfies me just to please
To please
To please

I have a kissing disease
I don’t want to keep my mouth
Away from thee
Away from thee

I have a loving disease
An I can’t stop loving you disease
What a beautiful sickness
What a glorious flu
What a wonderful infection
Can you see what you do?

© GÄ

In the Palms

You have to let people discover
All your dark and twisted places inside

In the place of creation
We don’t need to burden ourselves
With high expectations
See what flows from your heart
Imagination and playful starts

Maybe we are amazing
Because we acquire things
Maybe there is nothing amazing
About the things that we acquire

I think we all have to lose our minds
Just a little bit
Every once in awhile
No one completely has it together
At the time

Showing the soft underbelly
Also known as the vulnerable parts
Is an awakening for everyone
Not just for ourselves
Not just for the leaves
That will drop and create worry
But to allow someone
To hold the entire tree
The sapling that is you
In the palms of their hands

© GÄ

Fly by the Moon

Fly by the moon
Flower underneath my nose
Cigarette at my lips
Warm cup of tea awaiting
Ignorance is bliss

Fly by the moon
Come away with me tonight
Feel the wind beneath
The light in yonder sky

We can fly
Even with a few feathers gone amiss
La lune is waiting patiently
To highlight every move
The breath of brilliance

Cut out a paper airplane
Even if to fold it from the sky
A piece of heaven
Drifting through the clouds
Inherent we can fly

To plant a garden
In the moon dust of your heart
My favorite flower is
Your image twirling in my eye

Fly by the moon
A white windstorm is heading
As starred azaleas take to bloom
In the crescent of your smile
Above the gloom

© GÄ