Where I Am

Other fantasies
A treasure of tender
Elemental endless

What’s the formula
Potions of night and nothingness
Prized to be
Pressed up against
The lips like bowing
Heads of pink rust roses

Wisdom and humility
Letters to God
Good fortune dreaming
Blessings painted blue
In skies azure
You have such
Minimalistic measure
Beautiful messes
Fragrant tresses
Draped through
Long fingers curved up
Outwardly unfrozen

Eyes of love
Where would you
Have me list my heart?

In the crossword of
Some paper
An advertisement
Some new title
Of your favorite
Glossary or
Columned classifieds

Tell me how
To show you
Where I am

© GÄ


Why not fumble over being
Shivering in our marrow
Before we’re dead and gone
Truly feel the absence
Of a grave exhilarating
In the beauty of life
Entering a new kind of spectrum
Autumn fortunes
Flamboyant ignitions
Patiently missing
Or not missing the past
Living now in the bad news
With the exception of lifting
The world up
An encouragement is
Like a comforter
A warm blanket
Wrapped up with a cool breeze
Drifting across the face
Almost like floating
In outer space
Or at least I think so
Only astronauts know
What role do we
Cast ourselves in?
How far can we be
From reality
Dog whistles
And cotton candy
One day I plan to be
A little more klutzy
A little less organized
The ultimate carefree
Finally loving
Every part of the
Less sympathetically
Monster hiding under our beds
Funny story is
The dark is rather comforting
Even though I’ve always been
Drawn to the light
The fastest lion in the jungle
Jumps into every heart
Why wait for sunlight?
How do we get wherever
We want to go anyway?
Looking back I never knew
I’d be here

© GÄ

Dinner for Two

I will say it again
Love must eat
The heart must sleep
Forever goes the
Little street that curves
And winds and rings
The chimes along
A path that has
Nay signs except
For those that
Travel through your mind
Left or right the journey’s
Same as that which
Travels forward back
And still I say again
Love must eat
The heart must sleep
Forever goes the way

In a culvert
Sipping on the ripples of you
I keep a lookout
For the skyline
Of your forehead
Enchanting silence blue
Between the poppy beds
And a colored pool is a
Mirrored view for two

© GÄ

Toward the Burn

Burning thoughts
Find you’ve forgotten
Find me ill trodden
A somber ritual
An out of shape catch
Unlikely pair
Can’t call
Even if we knew what to do
Teach me what is best
For this
Settle into the upheaval
Over and again
Afflicted shapes
Raw existence independent
Unlike the sea
An apparent relic
We are younger
Redorent consonance
Unearthly glimpses
Become fragments
Of what might have been
Opening the door for another
What could be
Centuries moving
I picked visitation
Cheerless churnings
Thoughts a burning
Unforgotten though
Down trodden
Acceptance dissipates abyss
Screaming cats
Will pray for rain
Some cry for sullen knowledge
Eliminates the game
The earth is filled
With love
A bird flies through
The flames into above

© GÄ

Hold Still

Am I too forthcoming
I swelter
Looking in one door
When you’re looking
Out the other
Like a vacation
Without you there

The sky, the light, the dark
A slipstream of fundamental
Certainly you want to
Be here

My contemporary counterpart
Across all of time
Intoxicated helplessly
Restlessly divine
Always comforted
To discover you

From everything that
Cradles your body and spirit
If we live, we live
If we die, we die
Whether we live or die
We belong

Like the words to a song
Even to one that knows it well
And I can only wonder how much

Hereafter we will tell
Stories of the beauty
Of your laughter
Inscribing it
Peeking through the clouds
To find even a crooked path
To the foot
Of your door

Have I mislaid my steps
Hearth and heart
Across the space
Not too far apart

I know I’ll find you
Just hold still

© GÄ

Harbor Me

To sit calmly
Await with promise
A blur of time
A melting of artistic purpose
With every brush stroke
As smooth as marble
My face resting
In the crevice of
The arm of your ship
Cradle me like twisted wood
Holding a swing
On a heartfelt goodnight

Bespeckled with
Adoration and
The scent of you
Is one
My nose could only
Recognize as this
Your fragrant love
That sends me into
Dizzy spells

Never lying to seduce you
Three hundred plus miles
Floating down the Garrone
Within you I am
Retranscribed before you
Like an old story
Finding its way to the shore
Of your lips after the flood
Of emotions that
Inhabited the bank
Of my once stony heart
Which was written
Only after you
Walked barefoot there
Amongst the rubble
Of my pizzazz

It is here
That I let myself go
In the canal
Of your impeding
Wash of rain

My chosen tributary
Flowing into your larger stream
Unlike any other estuary
You are a dream
My favorite channel
To turn to

© GÄ

Tiny White Flowers

What I need
Is seldom what I want

But if I merely listen

I too find wading through the tide pool
Of thirsty lapping waves

A revelation to the
Spirit of things

That which profoundly
Animates and illuminates
The heart of the young

Once I’m buckled into the
Unbreakable bonds of love
I will not have to ask
Will I remember you

Even if we crash

It seems the
Weeds overtook what was
The new arrival of
Ten tiny white flowers

I never would have noticed them
If what I needed was to
Lie here on my stomach

It’s what I wanted

© GÄ


You are the light of the world
You are a town built on a hill
You cannot be hidden
Although hide and seek
Is fun to play with you

Can we take our blindfolds off?

I think about the last hour of this day
Old friend
How I wish to rewind it
Paste your smile all over the walls
Experience it together again
In a different collage

My quick sleep tonight
Might just delete it all
Starting over tomorrow
Will it be as great as it was

Will I be alone
In a strange city

Intervening time and place
I know I knew you from before
Like the first book
I ever read

I remember it well
The way the pages felt
The smell

Like the bitter-sweet
Shakespearian tongue
That picks the fruit
From my soul
When you speak
It could only be yours

Just as I am ferociously

Consumed in the fire
Of my desire
For you

© GÄ

Even If

My son
We tried
We wrote it down
But then
Grandma and Grandpa
Said he was never born
But I saw a picture

Good lore came down
Out of the sky
Shook me with terror


It would shiver
The skyscrapers down to
Pure nothingness as if
Typed in an old scrapbook
And then burned

My aunt had pictures in an album
Of these things
That’s when I knew that
People loved me

I see non acceptance as a result
Lit up just like a
Feeling of persecution
Someone ignoring us
Spitting at us
Hitting me in the head

Suffering is that which
Comes when we live
You know it as the truth

The only lie
Would be forgetting
That I loved you
Even if you
Never existed

© GÄ

Twin Trees

We are a pair
Twin trees at night
Meaningful and bright
I prefer to confine myself
To the roots that hold us upright

Imagine sitting in a concert
Of nature listening to a
Symphony of owls
Your favorite rustling of wings
An orchestra resounding
In the weeds and we
Are so moved by natures music
That our trunks shiver
As they sing bark rattle and ring

Now if just to bring you here
So I can comb through
All your branches
Take care of you a bit
Careful not to split
Your heart in two
Your wood is delicate
To tug at your limbs
Would be a treat

Often in our forest
I think about the arrival of
A Sasquatch parting
Through our woodland
Stepping over boulders
Like a giant strolling deep into
Our dreamland

Would your offshoots bend down
To rescue me from the lumberjacks
Timber! Called out scanning the ground
Axing us down
I want to illustrate that
You know me by sound
That you see me completely
Before the cold gentrified
World comes around
Making bonfires of us
Blazing in ovens
Mulching and chipping
Us up innocently enough

Still never knowing
We’re madly in love

© GÄ