Not Me

She wants me
I want him
He wants her
She wants me
I want him
He wants her
No relief from
The burning desires
If I was her
He would want me
If she was him
I would want her
How can I be
What he wants
If I am not her
And she is
Not me

I Have a Disease

I have a talking disease
I can’t seem to stop my lips
From speaking these things
I have a talking disease
It puts my trembling heart
At ease
At ease

I have a sharing disease
I can’t seem to stop my arms
From hugging everything
I have a sharing disease
It satisfies me just to please
To please
To please

I have a kissing disease
I don’t want to keep my mouth
Away from thee
Away from thee

I have a loving disease
An I can’t stop loving you disease
What a beautiful sickness
What a glorious flu
What a wonderful infection
Can you see what you do?

© GÄ

In the Palms

You have to let people discover
All your dark and twisted places inside

In the place of creation
We don’t need to burden ourselves
With high expectations
See what flows from your heart
Imagination and playful starts

Maybe we are amazing
Because we acquire things
Maybe there is nothing amazing
About the things that we acquire

I think we all have to lose our minds
Just a little bit
Every once in awhile
No one completely has it together
At the time

Showing the soft underbelly
Also known as the vulnerable parts
Is an awakening for everyone
Not just for ourselves
Not just for the leaves
That will drop and create worry
But to allow someone
To hold the entire tree
The sapling that is you
In the palms of their hands

© GÄ

Fly by the Moon

Fly by the moon
Flower underneath my nose
Cigarette at my lips
Warm cup of tea awaiting
Ignorance is bliss

Fly by the moon
Come away with me tonight
Feel the wind beneath
The light in yonder sky

We can fly
Even with a few feathers gone amiss
La lune is waiting patiently
To highlight every move
The breath of brilliance

Cut out a paper airplane
Even if to fold it from the sky
A piece of heaven
Drifting through the clouds
Inherent we can fly

To plant a garden
In the moon dust of your heart
My favorite flower is
Your image twirling in my eye

Fly by the moon
A white windstorm is heading
As starred azaleas take to bloom
In the crescent of your smile
Above the gloom

© GÄ

As Friends

How can I love you this way
If you cannot love me back the same
How can I love you so much
Even though you are incapable
No one is to blame

I can dream of being with you
But it is not
I can dream of sleeping with you
But it is not
You have many dreams for life
That are not with me
And it is beautiful as well

I wish I could find the words
To let my feelings go
I wish I could find the pen
That would let my emotions underflow
No inkwell for such a thing
Seemingly nothing can be done

As far as being available
To anyone else how can I
If you’re the one
The one for me
And yet I am not
The one for you

Your smile inspires
You have a life ahead
I have a crush that cannot
Let itself go
For to know the fever
Unlike the heat you do not
Feel for me

We touch barely
I tingle fairly unacceptably
It’s not for me to feel
But you placate me
Mostly not from anger or hostility
But the pedestal of love
That I dream of us upon
You somber up my passion
With a smile of tranquility
And we go on

As friends

© GÄ

Little Crow

Look at you jumpin’ and bouncin’ about little crow. He doesn’t know. Or he acts as though… life goes on. We go on. World keeps turnin’ friends. My heart’s still burnin’ friends. All is full of love. We’re gonna make it through. I want to. Don’t you? Kaw.

© GÄ

Son of a Gun

You could attempt to cash in
All your coins with me easily

First one out the door
Didn’t fly
That’s why it hurt so much
Cleaned the space for you
To try
You got to step in
Before anyone did

First one hurts
Like a son of gun

Even my eyes
Can’t hide heartbreak

© GÄ

Aime-moi ?

I won’t love anyone
Playfully the way I love you
Not because I don’t want to
Just because it’s you
Only you bring out that side of me
I’m excited to share the
Best of me I can’t
Out of necessity do it
Without you there
Because it is just you
Because it is just me
It is because it is the way
You make me feel
And your humor
And your hiding from me
And your eventuality
Is the aphrodisiac
Hemming to complete
That side that is in love
Because it is just you
Do you think that you
Love me?

© GÄ

What Would You Say

Empty chair across from me
Empty glass because I’m thirsty
Drink too much or not enough
It never mattered to me much
The better part of me is knowing
We share a space out there somewhere
The better part of me is glowing
In some French proverbial rivière
That’s me floating away at sea
With a baguette and a cup of tea
Do you like boats or inner tube floats
Come sail away with me
Just for the moment really
See where it goes
We can take off our shirts
Soak up the sun and discover each other
Under which one
Inside which heart
We we’re mountaineering through
To find the other half the other part
The things that left us torn apart
By the ones before
But ready in the wake on every end
Forevermore was never just a saying
It meant somehow that we’d be staying
In the rooms that we unlocked
Like doors that slide up sideways
Or cars that beetle-wing
Modern meets true ancient structures
Stone and water hands are clutching
Sheets are crisp and
Lips stop touching just
Long enough to say
What would you say?

© GÄ


My love if I could find you
I’ve been working on my body
Working on my space
Working on my head
Looking for your face
I don’t swipe humans
So I’m looking
In real-time for you
Maybe an email
Inboxed up unexpectedly
Skipped through the
My word if I could find you
You have my word that
I’m devising a new plan
To locate you myself
What do you say to grains of sand
Draw a line around
Your invisible hands
Holding on indefinitely until you find
All that is left to
Drift into me

© GÄ