Occupied Obsession

Lost in thought

Persistent with an idea
Feeling is
Absorbed intensely
Into that which
Already occupied
Our abstract thing and state

Having only intrinsic form
Expressing a quality
With little to no
Pictorial representation
Fixed and unyielding
Despite reason or persuasion
An old fashioned invasion

Entry of an army
Into a country for conquest
To set in and make fast
Only to shape
Our insoluble bodies
Spaces and phrases
To act on what is achieved
Past absent deceived
Curiosity weighs in
Generally a percentage of the amount
Both borrowed and believed

This readiness
To afford distinguished beauty
Is belonged insignia

© GÄ

So I Can

“I just don’t have time.”
He said

I remember when we did
Oh yes, I remember
How great it was then

Crack the cocoon
And remind me again
Remind us

Just let me now when
So I can return

So I can…

© GÄ

In Her Tree

I fear that in this
Somehow founded animosity
A stain has merged
Into a monstrosity
And I am climbing
Every limb of your tree

The tide that passes
Through you
Is heavy as the night
Can weigh upon us
And my soul
Is raw from tire
Ripped with spite

I am empty from
The energy I spend
To make things whole again
And all the tears
I cry that bleed
Are extracted
Pushed out
Rejected antidotes

Funny how the words
I feel at once
Can root from hurt
When all that I had planted
In was love
Turned spoiled soil

The carriage is empty

She is beautiful to me
But I’m exhausted from her tree

© GÄ


If you say it
You have to wear it
Like a garment
In front of whom ever
You said it to
Be OK with them
Framing an opinion
About it

We wear our words
It’s how we’re heard
In the eyes of others
If you’re strong enough
To say it
You’ll be stronger
Because you did
You may be saying
The things
That no one else is and
It may feel like shit
But just say it!
It’s OK to break your own heart

A little bit

If the world that you’re making
Is a better place
To be in
Because of it

The auspicious time
Of the Solstice
Has been revered
In ancient wisdom
Powerful times
Embrace the
Changes in our lives

Honor the cycles
In a brilliant light
And cosmic sight
Directed at the center
Of the Earth of your core
Consciousness says

We wear our words
It’s how we’re heard
In the eyes of others
And if you’re strong enough
To say it
It’s how you convey it
You’ll be stronger
In the long run
Because you did

© GÄ

Astro Child

Patience and gratitude
Twist up thine roots
Stretch upwards
To touch the tips
Of Orion and Lyra
Through grafts
In one backward
Swift dance
Fill the coroners chalice
With the jewels of a
Priceless ripped cloth
In a tattered black sky

Show me the way

Glyphed in Perseus light
Parted lips
Broke apart
Scribed with words of a
Luminous bright
Waltzing singularly
Quietly in between
Giraffe patches are
Hidden truths behind
Proud and serene
Oh so delicately
Hedged perfectly green in a maze
Of cracked vertical pleasure

Show us the way

Twist up thine roots
Stretching forward in yellow
Searchlights that reveal
What is warmly
Beheld in the misunderstood
Understanding of space
Whisked with
Miniature yeses
Frenetically wild
Unlikely crowned voices
Alighted aligned
Would be proud to
Give birth to a child
Born with wings
In a country unfortunately
Fat with the
Recklessly streamed
Thrones of laughter

Show them the way

Lost little darkness that
Wants to obtain
Innocents quick to obey
What pure consciousness
Cannot betroth
For to loose the
Entire revolt
Would be quick to a colt
Or horse stable
Once inadequately
Waking up the beginning
Before it’s begun

Show me the way

Does the smile on your lips
Resemble the tips
Of Australis?

Does the curse of Corvus
Box us in with the knowledge
Of thorns bleeding blood
Rest the reddest of roses

In any language
Only two words unlock
The hands of the grandfather clock
Timeless Mother

In longitude as latitude curves
Twisting up as pure gratitude

Show me the way

Patience and gratitude
Triangulum faced
Patience and gratitude
Sparkling sidewalks are paced
Sweet expressions
In grit lands of grace

dot dot dot…

© GÄ


I cry for the world tonight
For all the love
That aches to deserve
I cry for the world tonight
And everything
That deserves to be loved

We stand on a tiny moment
That astounds our ability
To understand
It’s intensity
And sensitive nature at hand

This is my cry
This is my comforter
My bonfire

If one scrapes to find
A solution for
Every complex mathematic
He or she escapes the meaning
While the true soul sings ecstatic

I cry for the world tonight
And hope that all might know

© GÄ

The Rest

Does the fear
Exist around me or
Inside me
Does it tickle
The outside of us
Or try to run me over
Like a bus full of
Unnecessary emotion
Nonexistent commotion

The heavens
Part the sky
In a declaration
Of the glory of You
The skies cry out
In their adoration
Of you

Day after day
Each cloud
Each ray of sunlight
Night after night
The stars
Reveal knowledge
Of how ancient
Our beauty is
Which I would have
No clue about
If I wasn’t looking
At you

You are the spark
Flint on my heart

You are the reflection
That reminds me
Not to let the moment
Pass us by
Mother Nature tours
Us through what we
Have yet to expose
And my blood is beating
In your chest
Stealing cherries
From the
Tree limbs that are our
Diving boards
Into the ocean
Of life
Without you
I could not write
The rest

© GÄ

Moon Migration

I love you for the
30 years you were alive
Not the one day
That you died

If I enter through
The narrow gate
A black hole piloting
365 years ago
A discovery of the first
Moon found in a pack of 92
Wolves call out to you
For wide is the gate
Spacious is our road
That leads to
Conception and many
Stars like yours
Have entered through it
However tiny is the doorway
Narrower the Milky Way
That leads to life
Without you in it
Only few will find it

I’ve found you
In every leaf
Traveling in the smoke
Sweet incense stairs
Hanging in the air
I find you there
Migrating towards the aura
Wrapped around my heart
Orbiting in one resilient
Sterling pulse

Drifting further
And further away
From the planet
It gave birth to
Circling my center
Even in winter
No matters darkness
Can break or shatter
What we’ve sealed

© GÄ

Any Way

Start here
Stop there
Over here
Over there

What’s the difference
If we never begin anyway

Slope or no slope

Find the point
Choose x
It doesn’t really matter y

© GÄ

As if to Coarse

Interpretation for an early bed
When I think of you like this
Capture the essence of
The warmth from your kiss
I am here in your arms

If I found another space in time
Where ultimatums rest
To feel your heart strike against
The beat beneath my chest

Where question came to me in wonder
Which would you choose to know?

Which room will you
End up in physically?

I choose your door

Here’s a copy of my key
From me

© GÄ