In Our Lives

Assimilation or death
Which one is best
Alive or dead
How can the living
Wrap their heads around
The difference
The concept of a breath
Or even if not taking one
When we’re not breathing
We have no choice
Awake or dreaming
Sleeping forever
Starkly awake
Scuffling through life
With a head held at halftime
To remain or to escape
To take a step forward
Or to wait
We could also choose
To be awake
For the first time
In our lives

© GÄ

Love Thread

Fall in
Fall out
Fall all over you
Like a coat
Cover you
Trip over my tongue
No return
From your oblivion
Feel the threads
Connecting us
From the beginning
Toward the end of
What we’re living
No reply
Thinking clearly seems
To be the least of my
Standing in the weight
Of your repleted company
When I find you
When you find me
What will you be wearing
When we find the words
That echo us
To fall in and
Fall out all over
One another
What color will it be
Tripping over ourselves
Into the oblivion
Of warm reverberations
One sleeve at a time

© GÄ

Get Lost

You can get lost
In a good way
If you don’t want to be found
If you don’t want to pretend
Like running from your demons
You don’t have to hang around
Falling into the same hole
That your fist left
In the wall of your heart
You built bricks
When the best ones
Played their dirty tricks
So that no one could
Climb over into your abyss
Who could ignore the outline
Of your lashes
Never get lost in the forest
Of your passion
Walk across the burning ashes
Towards your forever
For the sake of saying something
That lasts beyond
The outline of just words
Sliding with the gravity
Down to the center
Of your core
A piece of flint
A fire
You are a piece of me
A spark
A shift
You are
An uplift
A perfect shadow
You can get lost
In a good way

© GÄ


I had a chance
To take you in my mouth
Okay wait
Let me slow down
Breathe a moment
Grab the leftovers
Hold on
I don’t have the qualifications
To unpack that
But I can open up
To becoming more excellent
Future up to being
More extenuating
Less guarded
More humanly susceptible
My finest grace will be
Not to become a ghostly version
Of myself

© GÄ

With Dream

Clearing my headspace
Tossing away the disdain
It’s beginning to feel
Like creating a place
Share one with another again
Where I can give of myself
Nothing left of bereft
Nor held back
What a world it could be
I want hope
I want feeling
I want destiny
With you I want
Nonsense without any jealously
No need for rescuing
Found finally in each other
A place
Without strings
Attachments to things
My feet are on fire
With dream

© GÄ

Holding Out

Holding out for magnificence
Am I holding out for this?
Holding out for magnificence
Learning how to forget
Learning how to care less
Leave me on red
Leave me for dead
Dear to whom it may concern
Here lies someone
Who loved you a lot
Be there on the surface
And hurt even less
Holding out for magnificence
Holding out for the best
Give a lot to the surface
Save the rest for the best
Are you down?

I have so much to give…

© GÄ


Sitting atop a dark hope
I am happily bleak
What fire of light
Would burn through
A tunnel of vision if these eyes
Were empty nests
Where birds could land
Make a home and
Begin an aviary kingdom
Together my beloved
Should I find the egresses
Blinded by your arches
Missing the container
Where do I rest my head
Which earthly shoulder fits this cheek
My hands undress the boundaries
I have laid upon my skin
The fortress is bare
My castle is exposed
All armies are down
I surrender my crown
To takeoff in your love

© GÄ


Turn me upside down
Like a pineapple cake
Devilish tongues cannot mistake
The taste and
Still I’m hanging around
Swinging from my fantasies
Wondering if what I’m
Dreaming about being
Attractive to is actually
Attracted to me

© GÄ


It’s hard to see beyond the parts
Do you want to read my journal notes
We could play hide and seek
Or would you just run away from me
If the light is yellow
Would you pretend that it’s green
Never put off saying you’re sorry
Especially for someone you love
Did you love me?
You couldn’t really say you were sorry
I couldn’t expect that realistically
What a weird fake reality
The life that I wanted to make
Without you is finally happening

© GÄ

Keeping Score

Does life get easier
As we move along
Or harder

Do we understand more
Or is it actually less
We comprehend

It seems the more that I know
The less I understand

It’s taking me longer to cool down
From the things that heat me up

This is historical
This is a longtime coming
This is
What happens
As time goes by

I’d rather warn you
Than console you

Evolving beyond and above
What folks are incapable of
I could write a novel in the rain

I’ve already had my heart broken
A million times or so
What’s the point
Of keeping score
If the heart is broken
Another million times or more

© GÄ