Little Crow

Look at you jumpin’ and bouncin’ about little crow. He doesn’t know. Or he acts as though… life goes on. We go on. World keeps turnin’ friends. My heart’s still burnin’ friends. All is full of love. We’re gonna make it through. I want to. Don’t you? Kaw.

© GÄ

We Can

I think it’s safe to say
That the weight of existence
Is crushing all of us in
An unmerciful way right now

Real garbage hurts
More than pretend garbage
Easy to face the truth when it’s a lie
Your face is a lie
My heart is the truth
Your darkness belongs in a gutter
And the memories of our youth
Is consumed by bags of trash
In the backyard

Something like this
I write about love
I cant not about romance
Nor could I ever be hypocritical
Intimacy is the core of me
Even if there is none

A lack of visible smiles
Hiding behind masks
Nobody touch
The anti-hug is amassed
Not for me
I hope that when you see me
Not for you too

Our greatest hibernation
Is upon us
To love one another
Is the only thing that matters
If but to fall within the divide
The chasm that separates us
I’d give my all
Just to hold you again

Even if I never have
Even if you never have
We can

I want this distance
To be over

© GÄ

Son of a Gun

You could attempt to cash in
All your coins with me easily

First one out the door
Didn’t fly
That’s why it hurt so much
Cleaned the space for you
To try
You got to step in
Before anyone did

First one hurts
Like a son of gun

Even my eyes
Can’t hide heartbreak

© GÄ

Aime-moi ?

I won’t love anyone
Playfully the way I love you
Not because I don’t want to
Just because it’s you
Only you bring out that side of me
I’m excited to share the
Best of me I can’t
Out of necessity do it
Without you there
Because it is just you
Because it is just me
It is because it is the way
You make me feel
And your humor
And your hiding from me
And your eventuality
Is the aphrodisiac
Hemming to complete
That side that is in love
Because it is just you
Do you think that you
Love me?

© GÄ

What Would You Say

Empty chair across from me
Empty glass because I’m thirsty
Drink too much or not enough
It never mattered to me much
The better part of me is knowing
We share a space out there somewhere
The better part of me is glowing
In some French proverbial rivière
That’s me floating away at sea
With a baguette and a cup of tea
Do you like boats or inner tube floats
Come sail away with me
Just for the moment really
See where it goes
We can take off our shirts
Soak up the sun and discover each other
Under which one
Inside which heart
We we’re mountaineering through
To find the other half the other part
The things that left us torn apart
By the ones before
But ready in the wake on every end
Forevermore was never just a saying
It meant somehow that we’d be staying
In the rooms that we unlocked
Like doors that slide up sideways
Or cars that beetle-wing
Modern meets true ancient structures
Stone and water hands are clutching
Sheets are crisp and
Lips stop touching just
Long enough to say
What would you say?

© GÄ

The Only Thing

The only thing I have
To live for is flowers
I said like a lone bird
Flying over an ocean of petals
Calling out upon the
Waves of color above
The grounds of my earth
Softly tilled sweetly toiled
For my lover
Dost thou know me by my tone
Couldst thou differentiate
My variant of discern
She rang me up and I
Collected my things
Knowing not of how I sound
I’m either pleasant or distraught
For to be what I’ve become
One that is intimate with flowers is
Meanwhile waiting for the one
Meanwhile waiting for the one

© GÄ


My love if I could find you
I’ve been working on my body
Working on my space
Working on my head
Looking for your face
I don’t swipe humans
So I’m looking
In real-time for you
Maybe an email
Inboxed up unexpectedly
Skipped through the
My word if I could find you
You have my word that
I’m devising a new plan
To locate you myself
What do you say to grains of sand
Draw a line around
Your invisible hands
Holding on indefinitely until you find
All that is left to
Drift into me

© GÄ


Hanging on by the skin of my teeth
I don’t want to be swimming
Against the tides of the moon
Feeling frail like one more thing
Could run me off the rails
If it happens too soon
I’m seeking out something
Much more arousing
Ten times more appealing
Feeling it in reeling it in
Tell me how to suspend it
To do this without antipathy
Is it wrong to hang my head
In front of those who only know
Me when I am happy
Could it be long before the sun
Rises up again to show
The new day doesn’t clatter
If I was blue sometime before
To be relatable fizzling
To tell the truth of it
Bending upwards before gravity
Takes complete control
Hanging on suspended like a star
Feeling frail and bright
Resilient in a world
With mirrored pangs around me
Without a climbing partner
But not alone

© GÄ


Back and forth
What does it matter
If I have any part every part
Little times big times
Nudity foul language
I’ll take what I can get
If it’s with you
Like me don’t like me
Even for a moment
Heat and later cold shoulder
Flames of forever
Or not
What if even for a moment
Warm bed turns to cool sheets
Later or before
It’s a yo-yo
I’ll take what I can get
If it’s with you

© GÄ

Be Naught

It’s not that I could love you
It’s that I do
It’s because how could I not
So many others probably
Already do
How could I be naught
Thinking about where you are
How could I be naught
Kissing your ghost
How could I be naught
Making out with your shadow
How could I be naught
Reaching out for you
In an empty bed
Filled with the eternal
Length of empty sheets to comfort the
Aching of what I would do
If you were lying next to me
Would you like my blue eyes
If you could see them
Would you study my hands
If you could touch them

© GÄ