Internal Asunder

I want to establish
The amount of pleasure
I feel aside from
Experiencing its actual presence
My volatile nature
Only reacts substantially
There is no reasoning
To my reaction
I cannot justify the action
Before it exists

Why not discuss the lust
Investigate our trust
In one another

Free from fear
Our relationship here
Bearing the fruit
Of our labor to speak
And to dare to conceive
A legitimate distraction
To explain my reaction
Built so intricately
Without even trying

I’m dying to know you
And I already do
Without knowing
What you mean to say
When you sound off a clue

With the light in your eye
That assures what I find
When I’m with you

© GÄ

The Pass

Why is it you can see it
When others don’t
Turn the lights on
Look around
I’m not hiding that well
Mostly in plain sight

Friendship turns to love
Once upon a time
Lines drawn around
What is actually allowed

Wouldn’t want to screw that up
So I dream of things to say
Words resting at the tip
Of my tongue
Ready to take off
When the moment is right
Perhaps never being said
For if I say too much
You just might turn your head

So percolating silently
Approaching moments at tiptoe
Sliding around in socks
Without a noise to shake
Or rock our perfect balance

Friends can become lovers
Lovers can walk away
Better to be friends
Safer not to say
Or is it
With my heart
Take what I can get
Hold my breath to get ahead
Just don’t turn blue
You can’t love me if I’m dead

Hopped up on lust
Fantasy breaking trust
Building courageously up to
The moment where I almost
Say it all
It’s the angle of the pass

Fumbling while trying
Not to fall

© GÄ


If your land rests in my water
Even as a silhouette
A black shape deep like
A current in the emotional waves
A pooled grave for love making
On a bed of lilies

Rest In Peace
In ecstasy with me

Can we then be careless
With our sounds
The birds are evident shadows
Cagelessly flight bound
Cooing sounds
Creatures of the night
You and I
Nature resounds
All around us

Will the swamp leave us
In a state of terror
Without one another
Dense as the forest can be
Quiet as the chairs
Rock back and forth on a nearby
Wrap around porch
Like your legs wrap themselves
About me
As lights blink on and off silently
Twinkling in the periphery

Our heat strikes down like lightening
As moss hangs and sways
From tree to tree
Back and forth
In the breeze
You and me
You and me

You and me

© GÄ

Before the Alarms

Strategically you could in a way
Create a space to be with you
There is nothing more desirable
To me than a lack of

Me there with you simply

To see what your heart sees
During the day
To wait for you impatiently
Hold me
I am more than one way

You are absolutely right
Every moment for me
Takes a drink from your glass
And if not love at first sight
At last

What you say I need
Is all I want
So far in distance but so close
In the way that you’re discreet


Uncertainty can be strong
But loving me is even stronger
And this reflection of your love
Would be enough to create
A gem that has not yet existed
In the world between us

A most coveted ring

Imagine me around you
When you close your eyes at night
Know that dreams have a means to
Build a bridge before the alarms
Wake us up in the morning
Just as the dawn would find me
In your arms

© GÄ


I don’t want to forget
What reminds me
Of hopeless endings
There would be no
Reason to want something more
Something worth defending

I’ll never give up on
The hope that it could be
But I can’t stop
Searching out every possibility
To convince me
Of our truth
You need faith
And in time
I believe it would prove
What it’s looking to see

I must be willing
To risk the chance of losing you
In order to feel
The hope that I could love you
I would love you
And the fact that I could
Is more powerful
Than actually proving that I would

If you only knew
What I wish I could do

© GÄ

Kiss Your Neck

How much how many times
What is the balance
To find work and love
Someone to go home to
Someone to celebrate
Someone touch my lips
Working hard is what for
If there is no one to share it with
Affection calls
I feel it strongly today
Underneath the mystery
Turn me upside down
Find a way for you
To find me too
If I knew where or
How to ask you
Just to stay with you
Hold you
I want to
Kiss your neck

© GÄ

Bitter Bite

Little words
Neutral love
It puts to sleep
What round and rivet
That tic-toc
Like clock
Time of misgiving

Do not let
Your bitter belly
Crawl through
Acid incisors that might
Eat you like a child
Who cries to feel
The umbilical cord

© GÄ

Play Me

I have a little secret
I’ve kept deep inside

If I tell you there are words
To teach your mouth how to feel
But only if it opens

If you swing your heart
And follow the truth
If you

I imagined you taller
But your smile was the same

I want more than you are
Ready to give

I could feel you burning across the room
My eyes devoured you in it
With flaming grass
Even the sun is not as hot

Tambourine symbols drum tambourine
In the middle of an orchestra string

Why did you take me?
Am I just your imagination
A photo torn from the wall
A stain of bitter past

You don’t want me to do it
Or don’t you?

I know I can find you
If I take the furthest shore

© GÄ

Wake Up

You affect the essential cord in me
That is afraid to vibrate
Where did you get
Your guest pass
Who let you in?
It doesn’t matter now
It’s already been done

And here you are
Need I ask where am I?

Barely awake
Sitting up sleeping
No reply
No anticipating
Just an absolute waiting
For you to wake up

© GÄ


Noyade dans ton amour
Tes yeux me font ça
Je ne peux respirer
Quand je pense à toi
Parce que
Je ne peux pas être avec toi
Car je ne sais si tu me veux
Ou si tu pourrais

Me noyant pour un amour
Qui ne existe sûrement pas

© GÄ