Five Months

Near may be found
Unremarkably so
Swooping in dimly
Coming close
To the shutters
Gathering lavish

If the riverbeds dried
Nothing fallow to hide
Gathering soiled

Even as the end of
The tunnel seems dark
Raining light on
Black cases of thought
Bottle after bottle
Broken into shards
Of blown green hope

Do you want to be
The mayor of the bay
Stand on top of the rocks


I remember looking down
I could still see your smile
Written whispers
Stricken vistas
Even a dogs face
Shows a smile like the sun

You’re the one
Filled with softness
Underneath that
Bony exterior
Not like a corpse
But still a cage
I have yet to unlock

Underneath I am just like you
Perhaps this is why I can see you
The same person only in
Different skin

I thirst for you
Like this dry and parched stream
That subconsciously dreams
Of being a whole being
That belongs to you

Where will they bury me
One day
Perhaps in the dried cracks
Of your heart
Fused in a dampness
To relish for ages

Slip inside you
I resign to
Nourishment beyond myths
Paradoxical gifts
Pressed my lips
At your shoulder
Through wool
The greatest almost
The faintest wistfulness
Imperceptibly hatched
In a spring smelling
Of tarragon
Five months
After June

© GÄ