Love Feels Us All

And love can fall “I said”
What can we expect from you?
(Knowing better than to ask)
“Guidance, light & truth.”
(A map a lantern and a flask)

A means for love to be with you
Could mean to be what to be like
A bridge without an end?
No beginning just a way
An invitation to delay

A star that glows
Burns bright eternal light
That all love gives to say
That you’re alive
And glowing…

… I love you
I love you too
And you are safe now
Won’t you stay?

“Ummmmm…,” you said,
Now let’s go out and play!”

© GÄ

Published by

Geino Äotsch

|B|arber |M|usic |T|ea I am an artist & an advocate. A spiritual lover. Executive Director for Author of & Creator & Owner at Music & Hair at