Late 1880’s

Have you seen terror
In ones eyes the way
I’ve seen terror and demise
Like something could be pried
Open and ripped away
Without ever knowing
Where it went
Or where it could go
I find myself
Chasing you down the stairs
Into the fortress of your heart
Inking up all the paper
In near sight
By candlelight
With poetry both day and night
Just to quill the words
With cursed delight
To tell you how I feel
Fumbling into a kingdom
With you after
Falling all over myself
To champion our thrones
I find our crowns
A little bit slanted
Crowded with jewels
And heavy stones
That tell the story of our robes
Where they’ve been and
Where we’re going
Intricately sewn
The fairytale of every thread
I cannot stop
I will not stop
As Gypsy Vanner’s tread
For any chariot
Acceptably shaken
Thundering by
Clatter the windows
Open to breaking
Moments for taking before dawn
Rolling across the mud
Drenched in the oasis
Of every grasshopping creature
Multiple dark tones
Once trapped between the panes
Thankful hats are tipped
To singing crickets in the rain
Flying off
In melodic warm refrains
Cold rocks pressed beneath our backs
If the mattresses are stacked
I’ll meet you in the tower
Of our love
Where chastened limbs exposed
Retract their vows to be abstained
And making love with you
Is emanating every day

© GÄ

Published by

Geino Äotsch

An artist & spiritual lover. Author of & - Tea Maker & Owner of - Hair & Music at