It’s easy to talk big
But I can jump in
Really hard and mean it
The important thing is
Not whether you can
Believe me but
If you can remember
Anything can happen
The great peel of excitement
Is always slipping off
The edge of my tongue
And often times
I end up
On the floor somewhere
But how do I get there?
Trust and honesty
Being trustworthy
Of anticipatorily redeeming the qualities
It doesn’t matter anyway
The dirt comes off the heel
In the same way
Every time
With a rinse and a scrub
I won’t shut down for
Any lack of what was hoped
But what was hope
What is hope?
Sometimes like smoking
The dope of someone’s lie
Their inability to try
Or just a handsome cup
Of almost
Barely there, I…
Barely enough, I…
Why commit to anything
If you can be free to commit
To nothing everywhere
I want to meet someone
Who gives a shit

© GÄ