I inhale pain
I exhale love
And the flowers surround
My family tree


Friends and lovers
Siblings and mothers
Sisters and fathers
Cousins and
All the others

When it feels like
There is nothing left
In front of me
When she holds her cigarette
Shaking in her emotions
Ruptured and quaking

Asking what to do
When she questions
What difference
Is this making if
Her heart is compromised
How do we access
The power
That flies
Away from us?

Digging deep down
Into the soil
Where the roots
Have never spoiled
No crown rot
No sick spot
Where love is
More than enough

Irrepressible existence
Rituals illuminated
Within a gnarled state
Twisting from the bottom up
Rejecting cracks
The basis for
A good defense

I hold a powergift
In my hands

A place to mend
A space to build
A promise yields
An unborn fruit
Nature has been careful
Not to mention
Only forbidden
If we take it all
For granted

Open your heart
And read the seed
Knowledge has

Hope rises up
A powergift
Will be extracted

© GÄ