Dirty Little Pictures

Dirty little pictures
In my mind about you
Not realistic
But somehow with you
I can’t shake
This point of view

Dirty little pictures
In my mind about you
Are you a magician
Did you plant them there
No I mean really…
Did you?

Dirty little pictures
Of the things
I think about
That we could do
Is this a joke
Or will this imagery
Actually come true?

Dirty little pictures
In my mind about you
Am I just a little psychic
Or is this dreaming
Déjà vu?

Dirty little pictures
Happy feeling things
Buzzing in my mind
On replay
Like a radio tune

Dirty little pictures
Don’t be angry
Yes it’s true
I have dirty little pictures
In my mind about you

© GÄ

Little Heartbreaker

You love everyone
And no one at all
Do you still love me
I wonder

For what did we befall

I remember when
I was the best for you
Then I learned that
Being best meant
More than what I
Thought that I
Could do

I didn’t know
There was an expectation
One that I created
Loving you so much
Can do that I guess
Affiliation is

Everyone is your best friend
I see everyone is the same
So who is special
Is there ever anyone?
What are the things you speak of
Grounded in?

What to believe…

You love everyone
And no one
Do you still love me?

The question comes up
In my pulse
When you walk by
Even though I know
There’s no definitive
Answer in any language

It’s easier to know that
If I step back I will hurt less
But I won’t miss you any less
Perhaps I’ll miss you more
I guess

And then again
There you are
Knocking at my door
In one another’s lives

Will you still be here in June
I often wonder if the sun
Poses the same face
To the moon

The morning after
We’ve seen so much
I watch you love
Any and all you want
It’s beautiful
To bear eyewitness to
Yet without any alliance
My heart feels broken
In this awkwardness

And yet I’m open
Because now
I can love you how
I want to
On my own terms
Even if you
Can’t return
It’s similarity

Wearing many hats
Jack of all loves
I’ll watch you grow
And maybe someday
We’ll know

If you appreciated
What I tried to give your
Little heartbreaking soul


© GÄ