Ask me not to die
I promise to open the door
When you call
Your oracle
I am the good sense
I am the thoughtfulness
I am in the little things

I would like to be loved
By you for such simple effusions
Regularly and not
Because you need something

Even though I am your oracle
I wouldn’t mind if somehow
I became your point of interest
So you might say to yourself
I wonder how he is
And show up

How sensitively situated
Is my heart
Grooming the universe
Bathing in rivers
So far away you could touch me

Part of me plotting   
Part of me forgetting
Part of me plotting
Part of me forgetting

I am your oracle
I signed up for that
A personal contract
Not always reciprocated

Like a pregnant island
North of adversity explicitly
Offering newsletters
For bettering instructions
To the shorts and the sweaters
You’re folding

I have decided an oracle house   
Is something that I can’t help holding   
In the right place at the right time
Come take your seat

My heart slides wide open with no
Reciprocation nor agreement

© GÄ

Blue Curtains

What have you disguised
Behind those blue curtains?
Is there something to hide
Something perhaps like
Too much light
A dirty secret
Scratches on the surface

Whatever it is
I can take it
Open that blue cotton
Make way for rays
In this room in ways
You’ve never seen before

Shadows running
For the hills
Only meaningful distractions
What could be keeping
Those shades drawn?
No matter the reason
There is a willingness
A pleasing
To open up
That oracle
Decipher the mystery
You’re keeping
Where screens have
Kept out what would
Surely flow in

Up and down they go

If you no longer
Want to confine
Whatever it is
This this…
Enigmatic hidden pleasure
If I tell you
You can trust me
If you trust me
And you do
When you’re ready
You can pull back
Those blue drapes
Take my hand
My wild escape
Serene surprise
When you’re ready
You can open up
Your eyes

© GÄ