I came here to retrieve you
To break the chains
That bind you
To free you from your prison

The guard at the gate
Let me in
Take my hand
I’ll show you the way

« It’s not the way I know.
Die with me. » She said.
For she could barely lift her head
And when she did
She saw her curtains
Take their bow

Hurry! We must leave
If you stay here any longer
Your will cannot believe
That there is any breath
Left in you to be stronger

I grabbed her hand
And tightly so
It’s measure was so small
So feeble and so pale
It slipped like death through all
My ready fingers

I knelt down
To pick her up
My arms beneath her arms
I lifted us
Her shoulders shifted
And with her palms raised
To the sky
She folded out from me
Spilling like a cup
Completely empty

« You see, you cannot take me. »
She sank to the floor in desperation
But that’s absurd, you —
« You see, you cannot make me. »
She crawled back to the wall

« I have to see it your way,
And all I see is mine. »

I said —
Open your eyes, there’s so much more!
« I’m grateful that you came,
And I love you so insanely
I have built this prison
To remind me of my pain. »

I said —
But now we can go!
You’re free to leave
« Only I can say it’s so
And what is there for me
On the outside? »

« I’ve nothing left to live for
I’d rather bathe my agony
Befriend my lonely sore. »

I pleaded with all my might
Her eyes refused my sight
Pushing me away
As limp-like as she was

I turned in slowing steps
Hoping she would change
Her mind would rearrange
Before I touched the gate

As I passed the guard I sighed
He looked at me with eyes
Of knowing and reprise

I failed to bring her back, she was
Much too far behind, and so
I left her there to find
Whatever she believed
Her sentence would

In time

© GÄ