Is there an altar
Where I can make an offering
Bleuets of encouragement
Velvet chocolates for your
Savory distraction

Certainty is here

Can I bring you satisfaction
Pathological relief
Give you
Aliveness you’ve been craving
Molecular geometry

Add more love
Subtract the stress
All the absent
Lack of closure

You’re on my radar
Watching the boundary
A stronger friendship
Than even lovers
Exclude the danger
I am your
Undercover depot
For relief

Can I offer you a refuge
Scan the distance
Watch the reef
Offer a haven
For your freedom
And safekeeping

Fight like the devil
For you
I will
In a world
Spinning wild
Create an opening
For when you
Feel beguiled
Part the seas
Open your eyes
Brush your curls aside

No one
Will play you for a sucker
By my side

I’ve got your back
Protect your heart
Remember that
I’ll tend you

© GÄ