Of course you are
The exception
I hope you know
Otherwise the twitterpated
Summer has subsided
The obsession is
Not riding
On top of my heart
Cracking the whip
Reigns hooked
At my hips
You may be the pearl
Hidden in the middle
Of an Atlantic of people
But your breath
May also be
For someone else
A prelude suspended
In the back of a
Pickup truck
Hands held or not
Three dimensional love
In friendship and
Unknown territories
Of what we could have
Though we never have had
Remembering the
Mountainside we
Have yet to stride
The plants beneath
Our soles
Filling up the blur
Without a strangeness
For mistakes made
In love
No I’m not exactly ready
But the exception
Can always be you
Given to you
Avenging the fall
No panes
Between us
I wouldn’t miss this chance
Our living
In the moment
It’s important
That you note this
If you asked me
I would show up
For you

© GÄ