Zero Six Zero 1

Remember when we
Used to have fun?
I guess it was
Important for me
For you to know
The surprise of my story
That also awoke in me
The surprise of you
Such a small act of love
Shouldn’t be such a big deal
Expressing emotions
Satisfyingly real
Then to recognize this
Ode to honor more acts of
Small generosities and bliss
Acts of kindness
The gifts
That make ya feel
So much
Bigger in your heart
Nothing like the faults
That make you shrink away
Make you stop in your tracks
Like stepping into a ziplock bag
Blankets over your head
In some ways just the same
As wishing it would all
Go away

What happens when two people’s
Self worth clashes
Is it ever too late to
Renegotiate our identities?

© GÄ