Third Time Charm

Third time is the charm
Follow your arm
Watch while the curving veins displayed
Within a pulse hot lava sprays
Will the memories we create
Make forth a magistrate
To take a gallon of your love
In just one pulp
Thirst quenching gulp
A bed ten thousand
Mattresses high
Still left to climb
But found in one
With you beside
Where cloud and sky
Drift by and slide
Atop of me you sweetly lay
A light blue air
Of blanket weighs on
Dreams so sleepily so peacefully
We stay
After seeing one then two
Learning what knowledge knows of too
Hold what is three as it could be
One plus one plus two make
Us becoming three
And now as third time is the charm
And we are liberated lovers
Innocent from global harm
In the secret garden harvest
Do we plant
The final seed
That farming sews
The story flows into a tattoo of
One heart upon our sleeve

© GÄ