Sticks & Stones

You can call me
Whatever you want

A hopeless romantic
A fool for the ages
An impossible optimist
Lost in translation

An ignorant faggot
A dumb ox
A ferry
There’s no gauge
For the love
I am willing to carry

A drastic nostalgic
A pointless fantastic
Utopian lover or
Passionate basket

Case for admission
A psych ward condition
A place for pathetic
Amorous fiction

No matter the words
Regardless intention
Whatever opinion
You happen to mention

I am a blockhead for love
A buffoon for the taking
Ignoramus admirer
Stooge of creation
When love is at hand
I see hearts in the making
I won’t give up on love
There is no heartbreaking

Emotion or feeling
To turn off the phone
The lines are all up
For this loving switchboard

My bones are not weak
Sticks and stones
You may throw
No matter the dagger
I’m ready to go

I’m a numskull for ecstasy
A dimwitted tool
I believe in agape
I break all the rules

If push comes to shove
To shut my love warehouse down
Remember my love is
A curious clown
That will laugh at attempts
To box and to fight
I’m eager to hug
All the darkness in sight

I’m a ninny
A twerp
An ineffable jerk
For the one thing on earth
That makes my heart
Want to burst

A cretin for love
There’s no stopping my drive
I believe in this stuff
I’m just that kind of guy

© GÄ

Published by

Geino Äotsch

An artist & spiritual lover. Author of & - Tea Maker & Owner of - Hair & Music at