Why does this
Biological wiring
Find itself fighting
To exist
Coming up for air
And then not
Metaphysical electricity
Psychological wiring
Reading the signs as we
Spend our lives
Running from
Our peace of mind
Blank space
Yet racing for the phone
Is it an
Elemental fact
That the hamster wheel
Has become the Earth
Busyness constrained
To one area
The hedonic
Stay at home
Treadmill champion
Fleeing from
Newsreels of
Disquieting knowledge

Stepping through the
Backdoor to consciousness
When the brain wants to
Find something to do
Bypassing our
Realities revisioning
Habitual barricades
Desperate to touch another human
Breaking down
The formulas for fun
Caught up in the
Jigsaw puzzle of
Thought and feeling
Smiling to reveal
Even reality
Has a sense of humor
Afresh dancing in place
Now here we are
Survivors of
Immeasurable events

© GÄ

Published by

Geino Äotsch

An artist & spiritual lover. Author of & - Tea Maker & Owner of - Hair & Music at