Want to
Getaway with me?
Where would we go
What would we do
Will we come back here
Or should we just stay
Wherever we arrive
I could meet you there
Maybe you’re waiting for me
Maybe it’s just that easy

When all of this clears
When the fog lifts
Let’s have a new beginning
Almost anywhere will do
Is there a countryside
That’s calling you
Or perhaps an ocean close
We could dive into

I’m not sure that
What I’m doing now
Will end up like before
In fact I’m quite sure
That everything will be different
And in a way
That’s more than okay

It might take some time
To find our sublime
Something simple
Some special treasure
That we build out around
Our hearts
And it starts
With new beginnings
We could climb up to the top
We could repel ourselves down

There’s no right or wrong way
For us to find our space
To create a place
In a cove beneath
The stars close by
To where we park the car
Maybe horses will
Join us on a ride
Maybe we don’t need more
Than a shack next to the shore

How much do we really need
Yes indeed
Just each other
A place to make our food
My lover and my friend

See you when we get there
A playground for our hearts
Enough to keep us going
I’ve got a little saved up
I can continue to make money
Honey I’m not afraid to work
But let’s not do it all the time
Cause the goal is to find
A space where we can be
I’m not afraid to leave
If it means that I can getaway
With you

© GÄ

Published by

Geino Äotsch

An artist & spiritual lover. Author of & - Tea Maker & Owner of - Hair & Music at