As I caress the silken warmth
Of your hands
Listen to the breath
That breathes the air
That blows the sand

Beyond us and below us
Above us and before us
Touch me again
Fold your arms around me
Climb inside me

And then…

Reach outstretched—
Engulfed beneath we
Come up for air
So indiscreetly

Accept this sweet incarnadine
So free, so delicate, so gently

Releasing all the pain
Breathe in and out again
Push into calm devotion
Divine carefree emotion

In a hot spring
Diving deep and in between
Cleaving in the cave
Of loves ravine

Hush now
Whispers here to comfort you
I’ll strum your hairs
Slip into dreams of palest blue

© GÄ

Published by

Geino Äotsch

An artist & spiritual lover. Author of & - Tea Maker & Owner of - Hair & Music at