Message in a Balloon

I will praise you
With an upright heart
Few of us are capable
Of such prowess
When clipped by hurt
The clench of pain
Tightens our sacred eclipse
Still the conscious craftwork
Your heart manifests
Into a spell like balloons
Tied off with just one twist
Filled with glitter
Secret letters
And a kiss
Paints a picture
In my mind of what
Our hands
Could write
A story to tell about
The scripted paragraphs
We measure out
Courage in our ink
To love one another
Like a journal of strength
Traveling across
The aquamarine sky
In a wellspring of air
Quietly before anyone exposes
Our coveted affair
The automobile of our
Delicious lack of despair
Sandwiched by compassion
While a sort of helium
Fills each one to suck out with envy
By a pack of chipmunks

Blown up by our wellspring
That now floats away
Into the next village
Hanging over the
Sparkling sea of ourselves
Reflected in a tensionless
Inner explosion
Free and ready to pop midair
Bunched into a crew of ribbons
Dangling in a union
Above the swords of life
Suspended justly before the
Cataclysmic cast
Of crystal quartz rainbows
Speckled skyline beams
Unshakably likened to our love
The archetypal couple
Who’s there guiding
The boat with you if
You’re missing an oar?

The riddle asks—
I know an alligator
That’s willing to meet us
At the mouth of the bayou
Even if our arms should steer
Us out to where
Our muddy messages landed
Our handwritten
Desires will be unfolded neatly
In the shape of all our dreams
If we forgot what we wrote down
Seamlessly streaming
Bobbing up and down
In the blue water of my eyes
Flowing into
The silent song of yours brown
Lovingly long expressions
Captured in the
Castles of our clouds
Laid out on our backs
Sweating out
The musky array
Of yesterday
Mud caked are we
On display
Begrimed in sweet love
Would we be free?

© GÄ

Published by

Geino Äotsch

An artist & spiritual lover. Author of & - Tea Maker & Owner of - Hair & Music at