I used to be
Too clingy
Too needy
Too want your every thingy
I have calmed down
Knowing now that love endures
If all was destroyed by fire
If all between us then laid bare
Amongst the ashes
With what we are left
Or ought to be
You will find me
Better than I used to be
Not too clingy
Not too needy
Not too want your every thingy
To behold an albino cobra
In one hand
A sword in my other
Blindfolded with red velvet
Drifting behind the veil
Moving swirling with
Protection for you my lover
Giving up on defeating moments
Licking my lips before a kiss
The milk and honey
Of our upturned gifts
To one another
In our afferent love
Almost stretched out
In our freedom
Wings between us
Comforted by how we listen
Are you yet hungry I have
Some tea and blanket
Here my love
And if you want
I’ve saved for you
The other half
Of my croissant

© GÄ

Published by

Geino Äotsch

An artist & spiritual lover. Author of & - Tea Maker & Owner of - Hair & Music at